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To Kath - My BFF - Happy Birthday 2012

A friendship journey to Kath! Oh what a time we have had together. You mean the world to me!

Love Always, James

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To Kath - My BFF - Happy Birthday 2012

  1. 1. KATHOur Friendship Journey
  2. 2. BeginsU.S. President JimmyCarterGarfield Makes DebutSusan B. Anthonydollar enters circulationFord recalls the PintoJamie and Kathy Meetat Kentucky FriedChicken
  3. 3. DoubleRed polyester uniformsOriginal or Crispy?Working the drive-thruSlidin’ in greasePie fights in the parkinglot“Disco Beat to a LiverTreat”
  4. 4. FriendYou just call out myname, and you knowwhere ever I amIll come running to seeyou again.Winter, spring, summer,or fall, all you have to dois call and Ill bethere, yeah, yeah,youve got a friend.
  5. 5. BugClutch inEasy, let it outGas, not too muchGo - WEEEEEEClutch inShift to 2nd GearOH MY!BRAKE…
  6. 6. ZERO!Stop at Cottonwood MallHit the 5-7-9 store.A zero.Yes. Zero.
  7. 7. S to UAre we done yet?More memories out ofschool…Buried bug in the snowWork release
  8. 8. Sing ALongRadio blaringInstalling 8-tracksConcertsMoviesAlbumsSinging in the car
  9. 9. Pack ABagDisneyland AdventureSAM – OMG!Who needs GPS?Yorba Linda BoulevardLost Wig Alert!Want to go to Boston?HavaadWhat’s a round-about?Salem Witches
  10. 10. QuarterThe invention of thearcade gameGalaga addictedNew hang out – thevideo arcadePurse full of quarters
  11. 11. GameNightSpadesUnoOthelloPing Pong in the carportKen’s Atari – Pong andBreakoutSimon SaysCribbage too
  12. 12. SuntanLet’s Lay Out!We Need a TanNo Suncreen for UsBaby Oil, That’ It!What were we thinking?
  13. 13. SippySipSunriseStrawberryMr. CollinsWyoming RunSoursJust throw it in the bowl
  14. 14. CureThere is nothing that alittle sugar can’t cure.Especially good after aFriday or Saturday night.Sleepover and the Cap’nWith berries, please!
  15. 15. Through Thick And Thin By Annie Hall I could skip a heartbeat, and I would survive,BFF I could be in a car crash, and still be alive. The clouds could fall out of the sky, The oceans could disappear, and all turn dry.From the 70’s These things in life are all bad I know, but theres far worse things,High School just thought you should know.Jobs Life would not be the same without someone like you, Youre there when I need you to help me through. Through the good times and through the bad,College Be them happy, or be them sad.Thick, thin, best and I dont have to be with you, to know youre there,worst – always! We dont have to see each other, to know that we care. We could be apart for years upon end,Utah to Arizona and still remain the best of friends. Life goes on, and people change,Best Friends Forever! And through it all, our friendship shall remain the same. Thats such as a life, and how things come to be. Just thought you should know, HOW MUCH YOU MEAN TO ME.