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Building a Culture of Learning

12 minute version of my talk describing how to build innovative teams that take advantage of technology-driven insight.

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Building a Culture of Learning

  1. @jboogie building A Culture of learning @jboogie
  2. @jboogie “software is eating the world” -Marc Andreesen @jboogie
  3. @jboogie software is continuous @jboogie
  4. @jboogie 11.6 seconds @jboogie
  5. @jboogie sense @jboogie respond
  6. @jboogie what does a continuous world mean for our business? @jboogie
  7. @jboogie how can we take advantage of all this new information? @jboogie
  8. @jboogie how can we maximize the creativity, learning and productivity of our teams? @jboogie
  9. @jboogie in order to survive in a continuous world you must build a culture of learning @jboogie
  10. @jboogie at the core of a culture of learning is the team @jboogie @jboogie
  11. @jboogie 1. anatomy of the team @jboogie how do you build a continuously learning team? 2. how do we task the team? 3. how should the team work?
  12. @jboogie anatomy of the team @jboogie
  13. @jboogie@jboogie learning team anatomy 1. small
  14. @jboogie@jboogie learning team anatomy 2. collocated
  15. @jboogie@jboogie learning team anatomy 3. dedicated
  16. @jboogie@jboogie learning team anatomy 4. self sufficient
  17. @jboogie tasking the team @jboogie
  18. @jboogie incentivized for creating output @jboogie
  19. @jboogie features, on their own, are not a measure of success @jboogie
  20. @jboogie task teams to achieve business outcomes @jboogie
  21. @jboogie give teams a problem to solve, not a solution to implement @jboogie @jboogie
  22. @jboogie how do others do it? We define two types of KPIs. Strategic KPIs measure the success of the initiative’s strategy and last as long as the initiative. Tactical KPIs measure the performance of the initiative’s tactics and come and go as tactics evolve. All tactical KPIs must drive a strategic KPI. gilt group
  23. Business model validation Product validation Small team Culture / Infrastructure to support continuous learning Stakeholders Small-chunk, outcome-based, predictable funding $$$
  24. @jboogie how should the team work? @jboogie
  25. @jboogie take smaller risks
  26. @jboogie take smaller risks @jboogie
  27. @jboogie clear definitions of success @jboogie
  28. @jboogie promote competencies over roles @jboogie
  29. @jboogie self organization "The Six Sigma process killed innovation at 3M...they would say they need a five year business plan for a new idea. Come on, we don't know yet because we don't know how it works, we don't know how many customers will take it up, we haven't taken it out to the customer yet." Geoff Nicholson Father of the Post It note
  30. @jboogie you must transform from a culture of delivery to a culture of learning @jboogie
  31. @jboogie thanks! @jboogie
  32. @jboogie@jboogie

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12 minute version of my talk describing how to build innovative teams that take advantage of technology-driven insight.


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