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SMT pcb stencil design guideline

We designed and manufactured auto insertion machine,SMT equipment, and providing spare parts support .

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SMT pcb stencil design guideline

  1. 1. SMT PCB — CAD Data
  2. 2. Stretching of PCB Correcting this Effect by Fiducial Tolerance
  3. 3. Deflection of PCB — Max 1% Diagonal Overcome this Effect by Over Top Clamping
  4. 4. Sequence of Paste Release Fill the Stencil Deposit Final Condition Separate with Definite Seperation Speed End of Separation Process
  5. 5. Main Variables for Paste Transfer
  6. 6. Main Variables for Paste Transfer
  7. 7. Rules for Stencil Design Parameter: Stencil Thickness / Stencil Opening Area Ratio Surface Area of Stencil Opening / Surface Area of the Stencil Inner Walls
  8. 8. Rules for Stencil Design Example : 0201 Components
  9. 9. Rules for Stencil Design
  10. 10. Rules for Stencil Design
  11. 11. Rectangular — Round
  12. 12. Automatic Screen Printer SP-1008
  13. 13. Welcome inquiry 1,Please visit : 2, Find us more: 3, Know more our team: 4, Welcome to our factory in Shenzhen China 5, Looking forward to your email: