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Winning at vegas



Designing a Casino requires understanding the user profile and lifestyle of a gambler - Mindset of people who gamble; what drives them to losing their money.

Winning at vegas

  1. 1. Casinos are a psychological minefield. Their architectural design, as well as everything in it, has a methodical function devised to keep you, the player, inside --- spending money. Some tactics they use are as conspicuous as the nose on your face, while others are guile and subtle.
  2. 2. Architecture & Interior Design Winning at Vegas why the house always wins? Compiled by Jigar Pandya
  3. 3. Total Environment Control: From Light to views, walking paths to service areas, lighting and air is consistent. Time stops on you.
  4. 4. Caesars' Palace Casino Las Vegas
  5. 5. No clocks Day melts into night and night into day and schedules dissolve into nothingness.
  6. 6. No Windows When they get you in, they don’t want you to have any idea of what is happening in the outside world.
  7. 7. Tinted Glass Some lobby areas with external view gives you a very hazy and dull view of outside, making you go back inside. If you’re playing in a casino on the Las Vegas strip, there is enough visual stimulation outside to draw anyone’s eye to it. Therefore, the casino you are in will do its best to make that outside world nonexistent.
  8. 8. Atrium lobby at Venetian Casio Las Vegas
  9. 9. Pumping Oxygen through the Air-conditioning systems, keeps the gamblers on a high. O2
  10. 10. Use of scents & Aroma Variety of scents will encourage you to spend more time/money in the playing area
  11. 11. No lights on the foreheads Light energy absorbed at forehead makes any activity uncomfortable. Casino Owners know this.
  12. 12. Use of Sounds bells, slots, coins dispensing, digital beeps – all non verbal, communicating – Win, Win, Win encouraging you to play, play and play
  13. 13. Soft Background Music Soft mellow soundtracks, helps get the gambler in the trance-like state that is desired.
  14. 14. Tacky Carpets patterns and designs on these carpets have colorful swirls, lines, and splashes, to the human brain they are mesmerizing, welcoming and pleasing to the eye
  15. 15. Use of RED evokes safe and comfortable Feeling.
  16. 16. Constant cleaning Workers continually sweep and pick up after players which makes them feel somewhat pampered and catered
  17. 17. Faraway Service areas Hidden, far and unimaginably inaccessible. This is one of the last-ditch effort to keep you inside since you have to walk through the whole place again and pass all of those tempting machines and tables. They don’t want you to Cash in your winnings. They want to rule your impulses.
  18. 18. Near Wins Every game, whether it be a table or machine, is designed to payout small wins in the short run, but eventually take more from you in the long run.
  19. 19. Freebies also known as ‘comps’ - Players will often receive coupons for free meals, buffets, shows, etc., or point cards which enable them to win other prizes in order to get them to keep coming back.
  20. 20. Free Alcohol Cocktail waitresses swarm the casino floor, their trays full of various drinks at all times. It’s no secret why this would keep a player put, satisfied, and feeling cheerful. Alcohol makes even smart players sloppy. If you are a strategic player, alcohol will slow your brain and corrupt your ability to make the proper decisions. Gamblers will also become more liberal with their money if buzzed or drunk, throwing their chips away too easily.
  21. 21. Keep the Big Winners Those fortunate enough to win big are treated like kings. They basically make these players offers they cannot refuse, from free suites to extravagant, special treatment. The longer a big winner lingers inside the casino/hotel, the more money they will inevitably spend there
  22. 22. Labyrinth Design Huge- vast spaces. full of tables & machines….a traditional factory floor., where manufacturing and service takes place at the same time.
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