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Hands-Free Healthcare: How an Echo Rewrites the Playbook (Digital Health Summit @ CES 2017)

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Amazon’s Echo is just one example of how the anticipated, hands-free, screen-free, zero-UI world will change consumers’ lives. The upcoming zero-UI health care leaps will be astounding–at home, on the exam table, and in the hospital–tearing away roadblocks and smoothing over speedbumps leading directly to improved care and better outcomes.

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Hands-Free Healthcare: How an Echo Rewrites the Playbook (Digital Health Summit @ CES 2017)

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  11. 11. To have empathy, we must understand what do people care about?
  12. 12. Lifestyle People care about :
  13. 13. People care about : Dignity
  14. 14. People care about : Peace of Mind
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  16. 16. The Zero UI has the opportunity to help support people’s humanity.
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