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  1. 1 Enterprise Integration Made Easy.
  2. ABOUT JITTERBIT: Most people know us at least for Data Loader 2 50,000 Jitterbit Salesforce users
  3. But did you know… 3 • Jitterbit has 10+ years of experience • We’ve connected 1000+ endpoints • Automated 100K+ processes • Have connector apps for commons systems like • SAP, Oracle, Apttus, NetSuite & more ...and our customers do this with Harmony, our Integration Platform 500 Mutual Salesforce & Jitterbit Harmony customers
  4. 4 70% of companies will "attempt" to go digital but only 30% will succeed “ ”Cisco CEO John Chambers – June 2015 52% of Fortune 500 firms are gone since 2000 Revenue opportunity from connected devices used by employees, partners, and customers in the next 15 years $1.9 Trillion Are you ready for the risk and reward of digital business? 2000 2015 2030
  5. 5 In this new API economy, those without an API strategy will be left behind. Customers Deliver digital experiences Employees Increase your agility & speed Partners Open new revenue channels Departments Developers ISVs Suppliers B2B Apps Mobile Digital Assets Connectivity is Transforming Digital Businesses “ Apps Internet of Things Resellers Providers
  6. Jitterbit Harmony: The Leading Cloud Integration Platform 10,000+ Public APIs3,500+ Cloud Services 100M+ Customers, Partners, Suppliers 50B+ Internet of Things 5B+ Social/Mobile Internal APIsEnterprise Apps Databases Data Warehouses Synchronization Process Integration Real-time Connectivity
  7. Connecting Digital Processes Across Every Department Marketing Campaigns execution Events management Segmentation Customer dialogs Forecasting Pipeline visibility Advanced analytics HR Onboarding Payroll Benefits Employee relations Employee portals Finance Accounts receivable Accounts payable Budgeting Invoicing Approvals Quarter end Operations Revenue management Procurement Approvals Compliance Commissions Pricing & Inventory Supply Transportation Warehousing Logistics Invoicing Sourcing Procurement Sales Order management Aggregated Forecast 360 Customer view Credit checks ERP Visibility Inventory Billing & New accounts Support Case management Returns management Upsell/Cross-sell Shipping Call Center Reporting Operations Order Management Field Service Work Orders Scheduling Asset management Stock inventory Time and expense Field operations Service orders Omni Channel eCommerce Digital storefronts Online inventory Online orders Shipping B2B Order APIs EDI 550+ Apps  Reduced resources & costs  Increased speed to market & revenues  Boosted services & customer satisfaction SOAP REST ODBC JDBC EDI LDAP "Jitterbit is my silver bullet for any integration challenge that customers throw at me.” - Satish Paul, Platform Architect JSON
  8. The Result: Customer Success Across Every Vertical Transportation & Logistics Business & Services Energy Healthcare & Life Sciences Consumer & Retail Communicatio n & Media Financial Services TechnologyManufacturing
  9. Use Cases of Common Integrations System of Engagement Lead Management Account Planning Pipeline Management Forecasting Products/Pricing Case Management Knowledge Base Field Service Partner Marketing Customer Engagement Prospect Marketing Integrated Quoting Deal Structuring Quote Generation Product Configuration Customer + Partner Community Lead Management (Partners) CPQ Collaboration Case Management Self Service Customer Collaboration Account History Marketing Promotions Systems of Record + Salesforce Connect Products Quotes Orders Invoices Bill To/Ship To BOL/BOM
  10. 10 Jitterbit Harmony IPaaS Product Demonstration
  11. Odyssey Delivers Real-time Transportation Management. Siloed and disparate back office systems of record. Manual transportation management processes. Lack of visibility to quoting, pricing and back office. Error prone processes and data duplication. Before Integration is now a platform differentiation. Odyssey owns easy implementation adhering to security policies. Seamless digital processes tie customer back office with WIN. Increased and up-to-the-second data accuracy. After
  12. Mophie Powers Digital Business with Real-time APIs Fragmented manual processes Siloed and redundant data Integration relied on one-off applications and CSV files Before Centralized automated operations Improved response & delivery times for customers Flexible, agile development — ideal for int’l growth Operates with APIs used by all partners above After Warranties, Returns, Samples Products, Inventory & Warehouse Mgm’t Website Orders Shipping/Retur ns Shipping/Retur ns 3rd Party Logistics Post Office
  13. Club Auto Drives Real-time Roadside Assistance with Harmony Live! Siloed and disparate OEM systems of record Disconnect between subscribers & regional suppliers Lack of visibility to motorist/subscriber details Manual, error prone processes Before Call Center has 360-degree visibility of stranded motorists. Regional roadside assistance dispatched in real-time. Jitterbit APIs securely expose OEM and Supplier systems in minutes. Jitterpak templates offer reusability for new client & supplier apps After Analytics Call Center Mobile Roadside Assistance Call Center Mobile
  14. Berklee Brings Harmony to Connected Student Management Legacy Monolithic system did not support agile processes Siloed and redundant data locked in legacy apps and depts No centralized reporting and visibility across network Forced to create “copy” of data across multiple systems Before Connected, best of breed services deliver modern student experience Create a true hub and spoke integration model across college Orchestration of customer interactions across all devices Centralized control of data eases maintenance of data flows After Legacy Enrollment Learning Mgt System Reporting

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  1. Businesses looking to transform themselves into Real-time Digital Businesses to compete in the Now Economy are asking: - How do I easily expose critical components of my business as a service to other departments in a secure & controlled way? How do I better engage and create new channels of business by tying partners directly into our interactions and transactions? How do I digitize my products to better engage my customers and create seamless experiences wherever they want to do business?
  2. Jitterbit is focused 100% on the integration of the assets that power modern digital businesses. The Cloud is revolutionizing the traditional middleware market. Just as SFDC changed CRM market and NS changed ERP market, Jitterbit is transforming integration with our the Harmony Cloud Platform. As a Cloud platform we have the unique ability to sit in the middle thousands of of cloud, mobile, onpremise applications and the new burdgeoning Internet of things. We connect all of these digital assets and support three common integration patterns: Data Sync – keeping multiple apps, such as ERP and CRM in sync (e.g. Customer Account/Contacts) Process Integration – we can automate processes and turn manual processes into digital ones, such as connecting many apps in a Quote-to-Cash process Real-time Connectivity – the most modern way to connect your apps to ensure up-to-second accuracy and to expose any system to any other, on any device, anywhere.
  3. These customers have used Jitterbit in every department to connect their digital processes. Give examples such as order mgt in service, or 360 view in sales, or eCommerce/Supply Chain fulfillment. Hit the bullets.
  4. Connect Volkswagon drivers with the Alberta Motor Association for instant roadside assistance. Checks subscriptions to VW Connection (Roadside Assistance service) and connects service providers to assist motorists. Connected call center has 360-degree visibility of stranded motorists and can dispatch services via regional suppliers in real-time. Jitterbit APIs allow for open services to securely expose proprietary OEM and Supplier systems in minutes. Jitterpak templates offer reusability and speed time-to-deployment for new client & supplier apps