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Hexad -Software Development Company

  1. Corporate Presentation
  2. Corporate presentation |Agenda W h o are we? What do we do? How do we do it? Hexad offerings to KTM Professional References Contact 2
  3. W h o we are?
  4. ● Founded: ● Founder & CEO: ● Headquarter: ● Offices in Germany: ● Offices Worldwide: ● Clients: Logistics, Sport, etc. ● Employees: 2010 Suresh Shamanna Wolfsburg (Germany) Wolfsburg , Berlin, Frankfurt Germany, Spain, India Automobile, Finance, Mining, >400 employees from over 30 nations ● Awards: W h o we are? |Key Figures 4
  5. W h o we are? |Successful from Day 1 5
  6. Timely and effective scaling of teams that are always adapted to the project situations. Local teams close to customers in Wolfsburg, Berlin, Hannover, Barcelona and Bangalore. Number of employees: Germany: 247 Wolfsburg, Berlin, Hannover Spain: 67 Barcelona India: 93 Bangalore W h o we are? |Offices worldwide 6
  7. 15% Non-technical staff 85 % Technical staff SAFe Agile Coaches l Management Assistants l Business Analysts l Office Directors SAFe Program & Portfolio l Leads Managing Director l Project Managers l ProductManagers Business & Ops Director l H u m a n Resources Managers l Happiness Managers l Data Privacy Officer Software Engineers l UI Developers l UX/UI Designers l IOS/Android App developers Platform Engineers l Tech. Support Engineers l System Engineers l Software Architects Product Anchors l Cloud Solution Architects l Engineering Managers |Functional Safety |ADAS |E mbedded SW/HW Engineering Data Scientists l Data Engineers l Business Solution Consultants l Information Security Consultants W h o we are? |Technically driven 7
  8. W h o we are? |Diverse Russland 8 Korea USA Mexiko Argentinien Kolumbien Brasilien Island Spanien Italien Ägypten Israel Indien Irak Türkei Schweden Irland UK Deutschland Polen Kroatien Mazedonien Ukraine Rumänien Bulgarien Neuseeland
  9. W h o we are? |Social Responsibility W e are aware of our responsibility and act therefore ● Hexad supports orphanages and retirement homes in India. ● Currently we are planning to establish a computer coaching centre for mentally and physically handicapped people in Germany. ● Hexad is also active in sports promotion and sponsoring: ○ Sponsor of the annual marathon in Wolfsburg ○ International Partner of VfL Wolfsburg Football G m b H ○ Sponsor of the rowing club eV Wolfsburg ○ Sponsor of the women's handball team Wolfsburg Hurricanes 9
  10. What do we do?
  11. 11 Key Offerings ● A D A S , Cybersecurity ● Autosar ● HMI ● E m b e d d e d Engineering 2 Auto Tech ● Modern W e b & Mobile Solutions ● N e w Product Development ● C u s t o m business solutions ● Highly Scalable Digital solution platforms ● Data warehouse, Visualization, Analytics & Insights Digital Enterprise ● Predictive Analytics and AI/ML ● Data Governance ● Data Consulting & Quality Services ● Cloud Platforms Intelligent Enterprise Sustain & Improve 24/7 Application Maintenance, DevO ps & Data Maintenance W e help our customers navigate through the maze of digitalization by reliable & innovative services in enterprise applications, data & information management, mobile & other custom solutions. M A T U R I T Y L E A D Sprint & Solution Packages for Innovation a n d Business Transformation Initiatives
  12. Areas of Expertise (Capability Map) ● Functional Safety ● ADAS Accidental Research ● Cloud Architecture and Legacy App Modernization ● AI/ML ● Digital Products/Services ● Data Engineering / Analytics ● DevOps / SRE ● Mechanical Design using Creo, Siemens NX, CAD ● Digital Products / Services ● DevOps / SRE ● Data Science ● Salesforce ● Functional Safety ● ADAS/AD ● Digital Products/Services ● System Diagnostics ● Embedded Software Engineering ● Digital Products / Services ● Salesforce / Mulesoft ● Cloud Engineering 12
  13. Cloud Transformation Services - Partners 13
  14. Hexad’s Cloud Expertise 14
  15. 15 Software Development ● Scaling - Fast and efficient at any time ➢ The teams can be increased at short notice as required to tackle more complex problems or to resolve urgent issues as quickly as possible ● Co de analysis - specialists for each specific area ➢ Hexad also provides business analysis, BI, front-end and back-end developers and project managers as required ● Test driven development (TDD) at Hexad means: "Lean & Clean" code ➢ The focus of development is the creation of easy to maintain code. This is kept robust by taking the test-driven development approach into account ● Competent QA process ➢ The company supports the projects by a dedicated quality manager, who checks the implemented user stories for compliance with the defined acceptance criteria before they are handed over to the customer What we do? |Core Competences
  16. 16 ● DevOps integrated into the development from the beginning ● CI/CD via Concourse ● Hexad "Post- Implementation" support for apps, systems and platforms ● Open Source TechStack ● "Lift & Shift" - Monolith to the Cloud ● API-as-a-Service ● Complete teams available in Germany , Spain (customer proximity) Software Development What we do? |Core Competences
  17. What we do? |Core Competences Analysis of causes Analysis of incidents, problems and errors Coordination Transfer of issues to real stakeholders Status Regular communication of status and solutions Interaction Communication of known problems to product team Information Providing information on possible problems Know-How Providing of Know-how Solution Helper Solving incidents and problems Hexad Support • The core of our "Operations & Support" is the established area of Hexad "Application and Management Service Support", which is already successfully in use in the V W Group. • W e address challenges such as onboarding processes, virtual machines or the support of novices. • Furthermore, we also offer 24/7 support - if necessary. 17 Operations & Support
  18. Ho w do we do?
  19. Does the solution work? How do we do? |Build on Knowledge • Evaluation and planning • Process introduction • Identification of risks and opportunities • User and domain research • Lean business validation • Technical purpose • Define product orientation • Definition of features • Definition Minimum Viable Product (MVP) • Integrated structure and development • Continuously repeated releases • Compliance with user research and testing • Predefinition through review & prioritisation Scoping Discovery Framing Delivery W h at are the goals of our commitment? W h i c h problem do we solve? H o w do w e solve the problem? 19
  20. How do we do? |Test Driven Development Readability • Faster production of a clear and "lean" code □ High purity and quality • A simple transfer of knowledge & information within the project Pairing Test Hexad Lean Code Implement ation Test Implemen tation 01 02 03 Light warning • Easy & unproblematic transfer of the project into the responsibility of the client. • Code will be easy to maintain & extend • Hexad is ready to help, even after delivery Scalability • Projects in which Hexad has successfully applied TDD • Vehicle Activation Service (VAS), Migration Tool, WeConnector Developer 20 Developer Developer
  21. Target: Error-free operation How do we do? |Concept of Quality ● Before a user story is implemented and a sprint is recorded for it, the business analyst will evaluate whether the “definition of ready” is met and the acceptance criteria are defined and approved for testing. ● The development follows the T D D approach, where the "JUnit tests" are written first, based on the added acceptance criteria. This is done before implementing the actual user story. ● After the implementation is completed and the written test cases are fulfilled, the user story is submitted to the QA. The Q A manually evaluates each acceptance criterion of the user story and performs the final test of the user interface and its UI experience. ● Finally, the user story is passed on to the business, which in turn tests the user interface and its UI experience further. User-Story Ready for approval User story ready for quality assurance User story in the sprint User-Story Business Analyst 1. TDD: Creation of the JUnit tests 2. Implementation 1. Manual testing of the acceptance criteria 2. Manual testing of the user interface 3. Review for "Definition of Done 1. Check for "Definition of Ready" 2. Review of acceptance criteria Developer 21 QA
  22. How do we do? |DevOps at Hexad Operate Implementation of the ... Deploy Configuration and manageme nt of the infrastructure, infrastructure as code tools Release C hange management, release approvals, release automation Monitor Application performance monitoring, end-user experience Testing Continuous testing tools that provide fast and timely feedback on business risks Building Tools for continuous integration, Build status Code Code development and verification, source code m anageme nt tools, code merging Planing Configuration and m anage ment of the infrastructure, infrastructure as code tools 22
  23. 23 Platform CI / C D & Automation Infrastruktur & Cloud Monitoring, logging, tracking Collaboration Hexad Software How do we do? |Hexad SoftwareStack
  24. How do we do? |Our Cloud-Competence 24 Architect Around 34% of the talent is either Azure or A W S Cloud certified Solution Architects Cloud Natives About 87% are all cloud native software developers with expertise in TDD, XP, clean code, 12-factor applications, etc Microsoft certified About 13% of the technological talent pool is Microsoft certified trainers Azure MVPs Four of the Hexadians are Microsoft Azure MVPs MS Architect Cloud Natives Azure
  25. Hexad offerings to KTM
  26. Hexad’s Expertise to KTM Hexad/KTM Mechanical Digital AD/ADAS 26
  27. • Mechanical/Hydraulic • Electrical • FEA • Catia • Autoform R6 • Seimens NX • Full stack Development • Visual Designing • Data Engineering • Cloud Transformation • Product Designing • Mobile application Development • SAP & Microsoft • Autosar • Embedded • HMI • Infotainment • ISO26262 • ASIL B&D • Cybersecurity • ADAS Client’s References Conmore/Volvo, Volkswagen Group, Sandvik Group & etc.. 27 Hexad’s Expertise to KTM
  28. Hexad’s Value proposition to KTM 24/7 Application maintenance support LEAD sprint and solution packages for innovation and business transformation initiatives Dedicated Team for KTM With ramp up time 4 to 6 weeks ( Local Deployment ) Highly competitive pricing with best of breed delivery 28
  29. References
  30. References |Volkswagen Group 30 Lighthouse in the digital transformation In the future, more than five million new, fully networked vehicles will use cloud-based digital services and mobility offers every year. As a leading automobile manufacturer, Volkswagen has recognized the opportunities in digitization and paved the way for a high-quality software environment. Hexad supports the Volkswagen Group in this way and develops a large number of digital products and services - in the B 2B and B 2C sectors. Here a very small selection: Group Retail Portal Since 2018 Pre-Delivery Enrolment Service Since 2019 Vehicle Activation Service Since 2018
  31. References |Volkswagen Group Identity Kit Platform - a digital cornerstone of Volkswagen Group The Identity Kit - on the way to Mobility 2.0, the ID Kit is a central component for customer identification in the Volkswagen Group. You could compare it to Apple ID or Google where one login can be shared across different applications and services from the Volkswagen Group. The Identity Kit has been active for over 4 years and the number of users is constantly growing. W e currently cover the markets in EMEA, South Korea and North America with over 45 million customers of Volkswagen Group. 31
  32. References |Volkswagen Group Predictive Maintenance W e Connect App Functionality Within the "VW We" environment, microservices are created to calculate predictions for various service events. For example, the user receives a notification when the next inspection is due. Hexad Responsibility Creation of interfaces to all relevant systems. The project was extended for a cross-brand roll-out on the W e connect app as well as for Incar-Infotaiment. TechStack 32
  33. References |Volkswagen Group Accidental Research / ADAS Functionality To develop simulation and safety algorithms and techniques to avoid or restrict accidents and to effectively determine the effectiveness of driver assistance and highly automated driving functions. Hexad Responsibility Generation of software tool using OpenPass working group for virtual simulation of ADAS functions and safety tools and the further development of GUI. Our expertise also entails in- depth knowledge of modeling traffic scenarios for simulation such as O P E N D R I V E and OPENSCENARIO. Knowledge of algorithms based on LiDAR and Camera sensor data are being considered as subject matter expertise for the project to be successful. 33
  34. References |Volkswagen Group Vehicle Activation Service (VAS) Project Goal • Vehicle Activation Service (VAS) allows a "one-stop" self-service vehicle registration for end users, where important steps like owner and user verification are integrated. Added Value • Ability to look beyond the scope of the job in order to improve an existing system through recommendations • Currently a "Unified Flow", VAS will be extended to a platform in the future to integrate further applications Responsibility of Hexad • Development of the entire product • B ac k E nd and API with various extension possibilities • UI l UX • Maintenance, extension and modification work • Re-design orders 34
  35. Contact
  36. Contact |Germany 36 Hexad G m b H Berliner Allee 40 12345 Hannover Hexad G m b H Porschestraße 58 38440 Wolfsburg
  37. “We are Hexad – m a k i n g organizational transformation easy and transparent” 37
  38. Thank you