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Build Your Fitness Business

Tips and Hacks for implementing the proper gym strategy with a great launch into Fitness.

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Build Your Fitness Business

  1. 1. FitnessBusiness 5Tips to a Proper Start
  2. 2. Owning a fitness club has become trendy & affordable globally. Yet we must not forget it is a business you want to manage. Being passionate is good, but being in control is better. You must set up systems to be successful. So, here are my 5Tips…
  3. 3. 1.TheRightOFFER First we want to match our consumers’ motivations : which tribe do you want to please ? Looking for my first locale, that’s the mistake I’ve seen too many times : people tend to compromise on their location or services with their own desires and assumptions. They forget what their users truly want
  4. 4. Do you want a large audience ? At what price will they come to you? How will you reach out for them ? What will make them stick to your offer ? Go figure it all out for THEM, not YOU Once you settle on your offer, don’t forget to stay clear about it. Get your brand coherent. As individuals, we hate to be confused
  5. 5. High Price Low Price Small surface Big surface Where ’s your spot ? Make a choice, don’t seat in the middle
  6. 6. As any consumer-oriented activity, your place is where your success starts off Finding the right premises can be a real brain-teaser : location, visibility, attractiveness, structure, price, accessibility, competitors, permit, works,… yet it all matters 2.TheRightPlace
  7. 7. Fortunately, Internet makes researches easier, but it also goes with tougher competition and higher demand Multiple visits are necessary to immerse yourself into your future club - every detail counts : Is the neighborhood growing ? Attractive ? How old is the population? How impactful is the competition ? How different are you ?
  8. 8. Choosing your key people is what makes the experience sustainable : Providers - the kind of equipment you complete your club with must both suit your clients’ expectations and your financial feasibility. Choose the optimal combination according to your target Staff - the team is the club’s inner image you’re reflecting to your members; don’t compromise on them and hire the best energy Customers - the people using your services, whether you want it or not, are also a powerful marketing tool to attract new consumers (or make them run away from you); pay close attention to sales Accountant, broker, architect … are also great assets to anticipate 3.TheRightPARTNERS
  9. 9. TRAIN.Gain. MAINTAIN.
  10. 10. You only get back if you start giving out Sharing pre-opening pictures, offering early discounts, branding up your team’s clothes or pre-selling subscriptions through your professional website are all powerful ways to reach your potentials Keep your communication structured with a defined yearly plan. The audience always strives for novelty and surprise. Let you brand expresses itself meticulously & consistently as a whole Coca-Cola has no more need for recognition, yet it is still one of the greatest worldwide communicator brands 4.TheRightCOMMUNICATION
  11. 11. Marketing BOLDER Your marketing expenses must be significant - roughly 5% of your initial investment - so that first members sign up quick
  12. 12. 5.TheRightFLOW A good management and follow- up is what give your club persistency&credibility on the long run Keep everything on writing : Who subscribed today ? Where do they come from ? What made them choose you ? Are your people satisfied ? Is the offer still matching ? How is the competition doing ? What can be improved today ?
  13. 13. -Franz Kafka « Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have » Listen to your team and customers to always make them feel better collaborating with you Have a back-up plan. Step back and observe. Monitor the numbers carefully. Keep up with the new trends.
  14. 14. Author Live FAST Win YOUNG Frentrepreneur, Gym owner, Music all-day, Wine&Chocolate lover, Ambitious, Open-minded, People and Solution-Oriented, Toxic :)