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I Am Athlete - Defining Culture at the Intersection of Sports and Technology

  1. Our Culture Code who we are and why
  2. What is culture?
  3. Culture is not office parties, drunken twister and free pizza (though those things don’t hurt)
  4. Culture is values shared beliefs ways of acting interpersonal communications
  5. Why is it important to define company culture?
  6. Company culture guides everything we do
  7. It gives us
  8. It guides decision making
  9. It influences who we hire who we promote and who we invite to leave
  10. and each of us being the best we can be It leads to happiness, productivity
  11. Our culture history
  12. imATHLETE started with friends and family. Specifically, Jeff’s
  13. A wiki for sports. Registration and athletic behavior A way to connect, inform and inspire.
  14. First partner/employee was my oldest friend, Mark (who is still on the Board and is an investor) mark second oldest friend. first investor. another long-time friend. brother was first advisor
  15. What we did Worked hard, moved fast Stayed focused on a goal Innovated and improved Celebrated every success Hired people who shared our passion
  16. It worked.
  17. But always room to strive, grow and improve
  18. the imATHLETE culture
  19. To inspire every athlete to live a healthier and happier life the imATHLETE vision
  20. Our 7 Core Values 1. Create and celebrate WOW! moments 2. Leadership isn’t a title, it’s a way of acting 3. Be curious, courageous and compassionate 4. Strive for excellence 5. Problem solving, not problem admiring 6. Constructive communication 7. Trust through transparency
  21. #1
  22. A WOW! moment is… • seeing something that makes you - or someone else - say “WOW!” • learning something new • going above and beyond the call of duty (without even being asked to) • surprising others with a positive change
  23. • WOW! moments make us feel good • WOW! moments make our clients feel good • We all want to be part of something that makes people say “WOW!” Celebrate the WOW! “Sometimes the best things in life are unexpected surprises”
  24. leadership isn’t a title it’s a way of acting #2
  25. A leader is… • Humble • Encouraging • Empathetic • Honest and ethical with high integrity • Approachable • Willing to make tough decisions • Self-motivated and proactive • Able to hold themselves accountable • Optimistic, able to turn a negative situation into a positive experience
  26. Be Curious Courageous Compassionate #3
  27. Be Curious • Proactively find answers and share what you find • Ask questions of each other • Ask questions of our clients • Embrace your inner 5 year old. “Why?” “Why?” “Why?” • Curiosity leads to ideas • Curiosity breeds innovation
  28. Be Courageous • Failure is rewarded. Take a chance. • Stand for what you believe in • Ask any questions • Sometimes the scariest thing is just making a decision. Assess the options, than do the best you can. “Great things never came from comfort zones”
  29. Be Compassionate • Find commonalities not differences • Give back - internally and externally • Seek to understand other’s motivations (especially when you don’t understand why something was done the way it was) • Work to empower each other
  30. strive for excellence #4
  31. Excellence • Nobody strives for mediocrity • Requires intention, effort and persistence • It takes a village to achieve excellence • Take ownership of what you do • Be proud of what you create
  32. #5
  33. Focus on the solution • Define the problem • Explore options • Never be afraid to ask for help • Evaluate and select best alternative • Implement solution • Learn from the experience and adjust accordingly • More important to have ideas for a solution than to have the right idea
  34. constructive communication #6
  35. Constructive Communication • Be calm • Be constructive • Be clear • Be an empathetic listener • Avoid reactivity • Show appreciation and validation • Let go of your ego • No personal attacks. Ever.
  36. #7
  37. Transparency • Open sharing of information • Honesty • Regular (constructive) feedback • It’s ok to ask “why?” • Don’t avoid the negative • Admit when you’re wrong

Notas del editor

  1. Create and celebrate wow! moments (inspiration + innovation) Constructive communication (happy customers doesn’t come from a department, it comes from a company attitude)