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Project Teams - people issues, roles, and responsibilities

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Project Managers
Four types of Users
User Responsibilities
Sufficient Resources
Get in the game – this is not practice!

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Project Teams - people issues, roles, and responsibilities

  1. 1. Project Teams –People Issues, Roles, and Responsibilities July 31, 2012
  2. 2. HousekeepingPhones are mutedUse the question block forquestionsCopy of presentationavailable upon request
  3. 3. About Your Presenter• Sr. VP KeyedIn Solutions Consulting Group – Helping companies align their business and technology – Focus on people, process, and then the technology – Subject matter expert on business process management – On-going research into next generation of technology for enterprise systems• 25 years experience in enterprise systems – USAF Research Project (1985) – Founder of enterprise quality software company (1988)• Trusted advisor to global organizations, government agencies, and professional groups
  4. 4. Thought for the Day"People and things do not upset us. Rather, weupset ourselves by believing that they can upsetus." Many of the problems encountered during a typical implementation are from people, the roles they are required to play, political issues, and comfort zones. 4
  5. 5. Today’s Discussion• Project Managers• Consultants• Four types of Users• User Responsibilities• Sufficient Resources• Get in the game – this is not practice!
  6. 6. Everything looks easy from 30,000 feet 6
  7. 7. Project Managers• Steer the ship and listen to crew members• Track progress• Listen to consultants and users when they bring issues to the table• Involve senior management when needed• Experience tells them – When to escalate – When to meet – Let the implementation team work 7
  8. 8. Client Project Managers• May not have the experience• Reputations and political capital are on the line• Reluctant to concede – come hell or high water, we are going to get this done, on time and under budget• Have a tendency to push the team to the breaking point 8
  9. 9. Consultant Project Managers• Been there, done that – experienced with hundreds of projects• Must be willing to lay down the law• Must be able to challenge the Client Project Manager 9
  10. 10. Type of Project Managers to be Avoided• The Yes-Man – Make promises that put the project at risk• The Micromanager – Team spends more time reporting than working• The Procrastinator – Deadlines are missed, deal with it later• The Know-it-all – Alienates everyone• The Feel Good – Its OK, we are making some progress, how do you feel?• The Pessimist – Always focused on what still needs to be done 10
  11. 11. Consultants• Need to immediately challenge any client decisions that have an impact on the project• Need to advise clients of potential problems if they proceed with poor decisions• Key objectives – Transfer knowledge to the clients – Make them self expendable – Listen to clients and engage Client project manager on key issues 11
  12. 12. Four Types of UsersType DescriptionWilling and Able Fully embrace the project as a means to enhance their skills and support the business – they do whatever it takesWilling but not Able Want to learn, but do not appreciate the impact of their actions – become confused and panic – they will ask or helpAble but not Willing Have an ax to grind – frustrate everyone on the project – if turned around, can really helpNeither willing or I am too old for this. This is going to threaten my job.Able Always find excuses why not to learn the new system 12
  13. 13. User Responsibilities• Specific role – Technical – Functional• Systems aptitude• Availability 13
  14. 14. Resources - Many project fail due to:• Not providing enough resources – I have a full time job• Tolerate users that have an ax to grind – able, but not willing• Fail to provide timely training to users – I am not going to use this app for 4 months 14
  15. 15. Get in the game – this is not practice!• Lack a sense of urgency• Pretend tomorrow will never come• Assume others will bail them out• Ignore warning signs 15
  16. 16. Things to Remember….• People, Process, Technology• Great project plans will fail with difficult or team members without the required skills• Culture will eat technology for lunch 16
  17. 17. About KeyedIn Consulting GroupExperts providing solutions to specific problems – Business and IT Alignment – People and Process Alignment – Enterprise Software Selection – Project Rescue – Project Management & PMO Managed Services 17
  18. 18. Follow KeyedIn Corporate Website: 18
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  20. 20. Questions & AnswersQ A & Copy of Presentation Future Webinars Contact: Shelly Bird Visit: 952-835-1041 ext.163