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(4/15) Personal Branding - Audience & Positioning

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Marketing 01. Audience & Positioning. Who is the best customer for your product? What's your first message for him / her?

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(4/15) Personal Branding - Audience & Positioning

  1. 1. Personal Branding 2018 / @JoanTubau
  2. 2. Marketing 01. Audience & Positioning
  3. 3. Remember: You don't need 1M followers / subscribers Just industry reputation, getting known by top people
  4. 4. Differentiation 'I am creative' / 'I am your guy'
  5. 5. ‘What’s the job?’ ‘Living in the not knowing’
  6. 6. Sell your product to the right customer, the right way Once found out: Proper channel + Tailored message
  7. 7. Audience 'I do not know who he / she is' (I don't know either)
  8. 8. 2 internships before finishing college. Different roles 2 Erasmus (if you can get the $). Different continents
  9. 9. Good Strategy 1. Strengths, not weaknesses. Outwork the competition 2. Clear corporate position in mind. Excel, tracking list 3. Human Resources or CEO? Someone in the middle 4. SM, blogging. How am I showing up on their radar? 5. Easy to digest mails. Interesting, compelling website 6. What I will remember [about you] when I get home 7. Idea behind your words. Advertising: Conceptualize 8. Problem solver. But first, don't create new ones 9. Clarify your objective. 20-week plan, evaluate results
  10. 10. Bad Strategy 1. Undefined positioning. No shining eyes, no offer 2. All eggs in one basket. It is about being flexible too 3. Wait for people to come to see how amazing you are 4. Not taking action to avoid rejection, disappointment 5. Go to the open market. Get no response and give up 6. What can you offer to me? / What I can offer to you! 7. Homogeneous network, limited growth combination 8. Poor content. CEOs have to write it, not the trainees 9. Never engage with audience. Personal / Professional
  11. 11. 3 landings from gurus that have mastered the game And the differentiation strategy for this Age of Noise
  12. 12. Stages (Philip Kotler) 1.  Awareness. The consumer becomes aware of the new product / service 2.  Interest. The consumer seeks information about the new product / service 3.  Evaluation. The consumer thinks. 4.  Trial. The consumer tries the product / service on a small scale, estimate value 5.  Adoption. The consumer decides to buy the product / service 6.  Retention. The consumer decides to make regular use (+ brand ambassador?)
  13. 13. Describe what you sell in a language I can understand Exposure. Inbound
  14. 14. Make it easy. Consumers progress from stage to stage Goal: To identify the stage where my brand drops out
  15. 15. Web design. A lesson from e-commerce Simplify, minimize the number of decisions / stages
  16. 16. Choice architecture. A lesson from behavioral econ. You don't know what you want. Comparison, default
  17. 17. Pitch You go first