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(8/15) Personal Branding - Social Media

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Marketing 05. Social Media. Gaining exposure. Google yourself. Visibility + Relevance. What about LinkedIn?

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(8/15) Personal Branding - Social Media

  1. 1. Personal Branding 2018 / @JoanTubau
  2. 2. Marketing 05. Social Media
  3. 3. Like, dopamine shot Shut down your ego
  4. 4. Give, give, give. Then ask Call to action. Offer a fast, simple way to connect
  5. 5. Show expertise... get hired. Promotion, channel, price Only first-rate content. Connecting with right people
  6. 6. Testimonials. Tangible results from previous projects It works everywhere except [let me guess]... LinkedIn
  7. 7. LinkedIn freaks. What's wrong with these guys? Signal: Don't get too close, it may be contagious
  8. 8. SM marketing: Awareness + Image. In a different way Public relations & Customer service. Build community
  9. 9. Adapt message to format. Smartphone consumption Content cookie first. Then offer a link to the big cake
  10. 10. Newsletter popup? Too fast for a first date Only one shot. Right moment, right pitch
  11. 11. CM rules: Good vibes + Emojis + High School jokes As a society, we need to have a discussion about this
  12. 12. Everyone in SM is posting the same Coelho-clichés 'Enjoying life. CEO of my destiny, boss of my heart'
  13. 13. Ravikant: 'Escape competition through authenticity' Minimize all signaling actions, behaviors, purchases
  14. 14. The digital footprint Don't do that. Really
  15. 15. What does your brand stand for? Depth, not width Where [audience X] finds [content Y] for [benefit Z]
  16. 16. Your Digital Strategy Shouldn’t Be About Attention (Umair Haque) The holy grail may be virality, but the goal of today's digital strategy is connection Marketing rules were built to sell miraculously mass-made product to a stable, secure, sedated middle class forever ascending upwards into perfect prosperity 1.  Titillating, not educating. What will your strategy help them become better at? 2.  Making zombies, not superheroes. Attention without trust is not worth a dime 3.  Infecting, not connecting. Forging living, breathing, long-term relationships 4.  Communicating, not elevating. Find your true soul, in a place full of trolls
  17. 17. You Are What You Measure, Choose Your KPIs (Incentives) Wisely! (A. Kaushik) 1.  Page views vs. Visitor loyalty 2.  Revenue vs. Economic value 3.  Time on site vs. Task completion rate 4.  % of search traffic vs. Share of global search volume 5.  # of followers (or fans or +1s) vs. Conversation rate 6.  # of installs vs. 30 day actives
  18. 18. Hint: User satisfaction. Page views, perverse incentive Slideshow reload (more ads, impacts). What about l/t?
  19. 19. Toxic consequences of focusing on the wrong metrics Valuable information: Conversion rate, not followers
  20. 20. Pay-for-performance, CPM earnings. Clickbait! 0 loyalty, looking into behavior across sessions
  21. 21. Ronald Coase on data: 'If you torture it long enough it will confess anything'
  22. 22. Employees / citizens will optimize the X you establish What do you want to measure? Analytics tied to value
  23. 23. Design Details
  24. 24. The whole exists independently from the parts Grouping principles. Proximity, similarity, etc.
  25. 25. Project X