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Zima by Beata Gałuszka

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This is how we spend winter in Poland.

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Zima by Beata Gałuszka

  1. 1. When?In Poland, winter often comes inJanuary. In December it snows, but inJanuary it is colder.
  2. 2. FlowersWhen winter comes to an end, when the sun warms increasingly the world around us, and when the snow is slowly ending its dominance, a new period begins. In late February, the first spring flowers show us their fresh face.
  3. 3. What to do? There are many ways to spend your free time in winter. Some kids will definitely go far from school, maybe toa camp or on a trip with their parents, or just go outside and make a snowman!
  4. 4. When parents don’t know...…we make arrangements with friends tohave some fun– we make the snowball battle.Once you do it, you will get to like snow andcold, but then, you have to drink somethinghot. Next, you can go sliding down the hill.
  5. 5. Ice Skating People like to skate in winter. It is the same in Poland.A lot of people visit the ice rink. There is some entertainment.
  6. 6. MemoryIn winter, you can of course go for awalk. Meeting with friends ending withlying down in the snow, great frost, hotchocolate – these are memorablestories.
  7. 7. So…We wish you a peaceful winter, the little slips and fractures. Great time!