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Presentation on an API for Portuguese Banks (for now).

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  1. 1. MyMoneyBits João Neves Miguel Braga Basílio Vieira
  2. 2. MyMoneyBits API Open Source Abstraction Community GitHub
  3. 3. MyMoneyBits API Built an API that applications can use to access bank account information. Uses Webscraping to retrieve the information given client credentials in each bank. Any programmer can use our opensource API to develop homebanking as it should be done.
  4. 4. API calls: access = Bank(info) access.get_account_list() access.get_account(id) account.get_information() account.get_balance() account.get_movements() access.search_movement(*account, *date, *id, *entity) account.transfer_money(to) account.pay_mb(entity, reference, value)
  5. 5. WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? You should be the one controling your money, not a entity who you are paying to do it. The API emulates the normal user logging and session control to query several e-banking platform. And then the API serves the agregated data as a standard. BTW: Webscrapping is a legal approach to the common problem of accessing someone else's system without getting into legal trouble.
  6. 6. … and now, a live demo
  7. 7. An abstraction layer everyone else can build upon. API MyMoneyBits Desktop Apps Mobile Apps