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Rankings 2015 "Leader League" - Mejores Firmas de PI y Datos Personales

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Reporte anual 2015 "Innovation - Technology & Intellectual Property" de Leaders League con Rankings de las Mejores Firmas de Abogados Mexicanas especialistas en Propiedad Intelectual y Datos Personales.

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Rankings 2015 "Leader League" - Mejores Firmas de PI y Datos Personales

  1. 1. Karen Law Alibaba Manny Schecter IBM Martin Migoya Globant Simon Bransfield-Garth Azuri Technologies Kevin Systrom Instagram Evans Scott Adobe / INTA Marc-Roger Hirsch Hirsch & Associés Michelle Lee USPTO Nick Hughes M-PESA Francis Gurry WIPO 1 - Executive Summary 2 - 50 Leaders 3 - Rankings: best advisors by country Investment Banks - law firms - IP attorneys 4 - External contributors top advisors directory guide 2015 innovation - technology & intellectual propertyHardware - Software - Telecom - internet - media - IP - Life sciences AN ANNUAL REPORT FROM leaders league I - Americas 48. Brazil 52. Canada 60. Mexico 66. Peru 69. USA II - Europe 95. Belgium 101. France 124. Germany 130. Italy 136. Luxembourg 140. Netherlands 145. Portugal 159. Spain 154. Switzerland 160. Russia 164. United Kingdom III - ASIA 172. China 177. India 181. Japan Patent & trademark attorneys Venture capital Law firms
  2. 2. innovation - technology & intellectual property rankings international report & directory series 2015 I leaders league60 mexico
  3. 3. international report & directory series 2015 I leaders league 61 Mexico Best ip Firms: Patent Prosecution firm (listed alphabetically) Leading partners EXCELLENT Becerril, Coca & Becerril Oscar Becerril, Hector Chagoya Olivares César Ramos Uhthoff, Gómez Vega & Uhthoff Javier Uhthoff Orive HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Arochi & Lindner Jorge Mier y Concha Basham, Ringe y Correa José Hinojosa Dumont Bergman Bider & Co Laura Collada, Jorge Gomez, Armando Pinto Goodrich Riquelme & Asociados Enrique Diaz RECOMmENDED Bufete Soni Mariano Soni Calderon & De La Sierra Carlos Perez De La Sierra Clake Modet & Co Angelica Pardavell Gonzales Rossi Abogados Alejandro Gonzalez Rossi Panamericana de Patentes y Marcas Antonio Torres Santamarina y Steta José Pablo Pérez Zea Tsuru, Morales Isla Abogados Gloria Isla, Kiyoshi Tsuru Mexico Best ip Firms: Trademark Prosecution firm (listed alphabetically) Leading partners LEADING Basham Martin Michaus, Eduardo Kleinberg, Jorge Vega, Adolfo Athié Olivares Sergio Olivares, Antonio Belaunzarán Uhthoff, Gómez Vega & Uhthoff Consuelo González Rodríguez , Manuel Soto Gutierrez, Eryck Castillo Orive EXCELLENT Arochi Lindner Maria Teresa Eljure Avahlegal Marimar Bordes, Mariel Vélez Bufete Soni Mariano Soni Hogan Lovells Bernardo Herrerias Calderon & De La Sierra Carlos Pérez de la Sierra Dumont Bergman Bider & Co Laura Collada Goodrich Riquelme & Asociados Enrique Diaz HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Baker & McKenzie Sergio Legorreta Gonzalez Rossi Alejandro Gonzalez Müggenburg Gorches Peñalosa MGPS Jean Yves Peñalosa Ortiz Monasterio Marcas y Patentes Fernando Ortiz Monasterio Panamericana de Patentes y Marcas Miguel Esteva RECOMmENDED Cancino Ayuso Abogados Pablo Carrillo Riva Palacio Clarke Modet & Co Angelica Pardavell Gonzalez Calvillo Pablo Hooper Legarreta y Asociados Luis Legarreta Noriega y Escobedo Abogados Alfredo Rangel Tsuru, Morales Isla Abogados Gloria Isla, Kiyoshi Tsuru
  4. 4. Mexico Best Law Firms: IP Litigation LAW firm (listed alphabetically) Leading partners LEADING Arochi Lindner Roberto Arochi, Hedwig Lidner Basham Ringe y Correa Martin Michaus, Eduardo Kleinberg, José Hinojosa Olivares Daniel Sanchez , Alejandro Luna Uhthoff, Gómez Vega & Uhthoff Mario Ponce Walraven, Saúl Santoyo Orozco EXCELLENT Calderon & De La Sierra Carlos Pérez de la Sierra Dumont Bergman Bider & Co Laura Collada, Jorge Gomez Santamarina y Steta Daniel Legaspi Jaime, Jose Pablo Perez Zea HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Avahlegal Elias Rios, Alberto Huerta Bleck, Tomás Arankowsky Becerril, Coca & Becerril Juan Carlos Amaro Bufete Soni Mariano Soni, Miguel Ortiz Goodrich Riquelme & Asociados Enrique Diaz Hogan Lovells Bernardo Herrerias Müggenburg Gorches Peñalosa Esteban Gorches RECOMmENDED Cuesta, Llaca y Esquivel Gaston Esquivel Gonzalez Rossi Abogados Alejandro Gonzalez Iberbrand Diego G. Rossi, Ana L. Vargas Noriega y Escobedo Abogados Alfredo Rangel Panamericana de Patentes y Marcas Miguel Esteva Solcargo Guillermo Solorzano innovation - technology & intellectual property rankings international report & directory series 2015 I leaders league62
  5. 5. Hector E. Chagoya Leaders: Fernando Becerril, Hector E. Chagoya Established: 1959 Track record: Among the oldest IP bou- tiques in Mexico, Becerril Coca Becerril is very well known for patent prosecution issues, it is probably one of the most actives firms filing patents. The firm also actively represents pharmaceutical clients in patent litigation. Some of the key clients include important technological companies. Team differentiation: The team is for- med by 8 partners and 50 lawyers. Thanks to their expert technical team the firm is one of the most important in Mexico in patent prosecution. Hector Chagoya is recognized for his patent expertise. He is a chemical engineer and heads the patent and techno- logy team. The firm is also active in trade- marks, copyright, internet and IT issues. Becerril Coca Becerril: Strong expertise in patent prosecution Sergio Olivares Jr. Leaders: S. Olivares Jr., L. Schmidt, A. Luna, C. Ramos, A. Belauzaran, A. Camargo, D. Sanchez, A. Diaz Established: 1969 Track record: World biggest brands such as Pepsi and G.E. comprise the firm’s list of clients. On the patent side the team has filed more than 14,000 patents in the last ten years. Spotify was advised by Olivares for its entry into the Mexican market. Big names of pharma are part of the clients also. In that sector we can mention Eli Lilly, Novartis, Sanofi, Takeda and GlaxoSmithKline. Team differentiation: This IP boutique has 9 partners devoted to satisfying the needs of the IP universe. They are very well recognized for patent, trademark, and copy- rights in both prosecution and litigation, as well as all matters related to intellectual pro- perty. As part of the team we find engineers with different specializations who allow the firm to help clients with extremely technical issues in all industries. Olivares: The One-Stop Shop for IP and IT matters Javier Uhthoff Orive Leaders: Javier Uhthoff Orive, Mario Ponce, Saul Santoyo, Manuel Soto, Consuelo Gonzales Established: 1905 Track record: The list of clients is impres- sive. We can find many noteworthy inter- national brands as clients, some companies having been clients of the firm for more than 40 years, such as Shell, L’Oréal, and Tetra Pak. More recent clients include: Bayer, Knorr, and BBVA Bancomer. On the patent side they have represented Xerox, Nintendo Co. and Michelin, among others. Team differentiation: The biggest and oldest Mexican IP boutique. 11 partners and 44 associates form this impressive IP team. The reputation of Uhthoff has passed from one generation to another. As an example Javier Uhthoff-Orive, who started in the firm in 1984, is now in charge of the patent legal area, and is quite renowned for his expertise. Uhthoff: More than a century devoted to IP services Martin Michaus Leaders: Martin Michaus, Adolfo Athié, Eduardo Kleinberg, José Hinojosa Established: 1912 Track record: With probably the biggest IP team in a Mexican full-service law firm, Basham has many clients on the Fortune 500 list. Some of the big names it advises are: Disney, BASF, and Walmart. The team has well recognized capabilities in handling complicated IP litigations for international companies. Team differentiation: Martin Michaus is more than well-known among the IP Mexi- can lawyers, but Eduardo Kleinberg, José Hinojosa and Adolfo Athié have very good reputations too. Last year the team stren- gthened with the promotion of Jorge Vega. The firm is also developing important exper- tise in privacy and data protection with the participation of Rosa Maria Franco. Basham: A full-service firm with a tremendous IP team Some of the best law firms METHODOLOGY The criterias are: • Recognition reputation of the firm in its market • Team size, seniority of partners (or executive officers, managing directors, etc.), managing director, chief executive…, education training level of the associates (or consultants, investment managers, etc.) • Volume, nature and quality of the vases dealt by the firm • Prestige, diversity and internationalization of the firm’s client base • Team expansion and revenue generated by the activity considered in the ranking Rankings are established with the following tools: • Submission form procedure: We send questionnaires submission forms to the structure already included in Leaders League rankings and to others likely to be included. They are, in particular, invited to provide information on their organization, their client bases, their track record and their market. • Qualitative procedure: To supplement the questionnaires, Leaders League teams conduct a large number of interviews, which enable us not only to learn more about the firm included in our listings, but also to assess the dynamism of the market. Analysts and market researchers also have meetings with a large number of companies’ executives (private companies, funds, banks) who have the opportunity to comment and provide fresh intelligence on the market and on the advisors they are soliciting. international report directory series 2015 I leaders league 63
  6. 6. Mexico Best Law Firms: TMT law firm (listed alphabetically) Leading partners LEADING 1 BGBG Carlos Bello 2 Acedo Santamarina Andres Acedo EXCELLENT Gonzalez Luna Alvarez del Castillo Joaquin Alvarez del Castillo, Federico Gonzalez Luna Olivares Luis Schmidt Rios Ferrer, Guillén-Llarena, Treviño y Rivera, S.C. Ricardo Rios Ferrer Ruiz, Sánchez Curiel, Conesa y García Ivan Ruiz Sesma, Sesma McNeese Carlos M. Sesma HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Baker McKenzie Sergio Legorreta Deschamps y Asociados Jaime Deschamps Gonzalez Hogan Lovells Federico Hernández Greenberg Traurig Luis Rubio Barnetche Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes Ricardo Maldonado, Patricio Trad Robles Miaja Abogados Rafael Robles RECOMmENDED DLA Piper Gallastegui y Lozano Eduardo Gallástegui Armella Bufete Quijano Clara Luz Alvarez, Rebeca Servin Lopez Velarde, Heftye y Soria Gerardo Soria Nader, Hayaux y Goebel Julian Garza Santamarina y Steta Jorge Leon-Orantes BGBG : More than a decade specializing in Telecom and Data Protection Track record: On the Telecom side the firm has advised satellite and mobile firms. As far as media is concerned the team has some important clients from the cinema distribu- tion industry as well as some well-known film producers. Technology speaking, and notably in data protection and privacy, BGBG has advised several financial institutions and also some hotel chains. Team differentiation: Carlos Bello is the Mexican specialist in TMT law matters. He has beenworkingonthatforyearsandstartedadvi- singsatellites’companiesandmanyinternational clients. Hector Guzman the partner in charge of theDataprotectionandPrivacyDepartment,he is one of the Mexican pioneers in the field. He alsoheadstherecentlyopenedofficeinMadrid, sharing his time between Mexico and Spain. Leaders: Carlos Bello, Hector Guzman Established: 2001 Carlos Bello innovation - technology intellectual property rankings international report directory series 2015 I leaders league64
  7. 7. Mexico Best Law Firms: Data Protection law firm (listed alphabetically) Leading partners EXCELLENT BGBG Hector Guzman Davara Abogados Isabel Davara Dumont Bergman Bider Co Cédric Laurant Lex Informatica Abogados Joel Gomez HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Basham Abogados Rosa Maria Franco, Adolfo Athié Bufete Soni Mauricio Hernandez Orenday Serratos Abogados Rodrigo Orenday Rios Abogados Agustin Rios Aguilar RECOMmENDED Baker McKenzie Sergio Legorreta Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enríquez Begoña Cancino Olivares Abraham Diaz, Alejandro Luna Sesma, Sesma McNeese Carlos M. Sesma, Maria Rivero Del Paso Uhthoff, Gómez Vega Uhthoff Ignacio Domínguez Torrado Vera Abogados Ignacio Vera Estrada Dumont Bergman Bider Co: A prestigious Mexican IP Boutique Track record: Even if data protection and privacy worries are quite recent in Mexico, Cedric Laurant is already pretty active in the field in the Federal District. For example, he advises telecom companies and one of the global leaders in the beverage sector. Further, Laurant has previous experience in Belgium, which is helpful for advising the team’s many European clients. Team differentiation: Dumont Bergman Bider is one the IP boutiques most recognized in Mexico. Laura Collado and Armando Pinto are the key people for IP matters. Recently developed in several firms, DBB’s Infor- mation Technology practice is headed in Dumont by Cédric Laurant. He is already considered as an expert in privacy and data protection. Leaders: Laura Collada, Armando Pinto, Cédric Laurant Established: 1940 Cedric Laurant international report directory series 2015 I leaders league 65