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Sharpen SharePoint Adoption in SharePoint 2013 with Gamification

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Adoption is one of the biggest problems in SharePoint. Understand the new reputation settings and take advantage of community in the social platform and build gamification into the platform with enhancements from Badgeville.

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Sharpen SharePoint Adoption in SharePoint 2013 with Gamification

  1. 1. Sharpen Your SharePoint Adoption with Gamification
  2. 2. YOUR HOSTS Join the Twitter conversation #badgeville JOEL OLESON Managing Director Salient6 @joeloleson CAROLINE DANGSON Producer Badgeville @cdangson CHRIS LYNCH Dir. of Product Marketing, Badgeville @cglynch
  3. 3. Survey Question #1 What SharePoint functions have you deployed? 1. Sites (portal, intranet) 2. Collaboration 3. Search 4. Content management 5. Custom internal-facing apps 6. Social 7. Custom external-facing apps 8. Insights (BI / analytics)
  4. 4. | Slide SharePoint Joel @joeloleson First SharePoint Admin #1 SharePoint Influencer 2012 by Forbes Voted Most Popular SharePoint Blogger 2012 – Global Epic Traveler - – Speaking and Traveling to over 100 UN Countries @Salient6 Developers of Badgeville for SharePoint Helping customers Unlock Biz Value of SharePoint! We Make SharePoint Sing! UI/UX Specialists 4
  5. 5. | Slide NON-ROUTINE UNENGAGING UIPOOR ADOPTION THE CHALLENGE Despite over $1B spent yearly on SharePoint, challenges remain Only 40% of LOBs regularly use 54% don’t like the experience 41% of users prefer other tools, such as email Source: AIIM, Forrester (Rob Koplowitz)
  6. 6. | Slide Survey Question #2 What is the biggest SharePoint Adoption challenge you experience? 1. Don’t like User experience 2. Missing Key Features 3. Learning curve to high 4. Users prefer other tools 5. Not seeing business value 6. Other 7. Not Applicable
  7. 7. | Slide Understanding SharePoint Adoption “Too often, IT provides the latest and greatest SharePoint release only to watch many users turn their backs on the solution” - Forrester “SharePoint Enters It’s Awkward Teen Years” by Koplowitz and Rymer, Feb 2013 7/26/2013 Confidential7
  8. 8. | Slide Evaluating Adoption 7/26/2013 Confidential8 • Engagement – It’s not just about getting people to use the solution. If that was the need you just put the time keeping app on the homepage. • Community – The users need information, training, help and assistance. Building community increases knowledge sharing. Start in house SP User Group! • Loyalty & Expertise - Your SP team won’t scale. Reward and Recognize the successful efforts of the power users and champions in business.
  9. 9. | Slide Gamification is… “Game mechanics in a non-game context to engage users and solve problems…” Why do we collect frequent flier points? Because occasionally we get a free flight!
  10. 10. | Slide Use in Profile
  11. 11. | Slide Some Collect Badges…
  12. 12. | Slide Reputation in SharePoint 2013
  13. 13. | Slide Top Contributors SP2013
  14. 14. | Slide Leaderboard Example on Yammer
  15. 15. | Slide Gamification integration has arrived for SharePoint… Introducing Badgeville for SharePoint! 7/26/2013 Confidential15
  16. 16. THE SOLUTION Badgeville for SharePoint
  17. 17. THE SOLUTION Insert custom gamification into your SharePoint instances
  18. 18. Measure & Reward KEY BEHAVIORS • Create/edit documents • Create/edit a wiki page • Starting or participating in a discussion thread • Posting or responding to a blog • Posting a comment on content (docs, wikis, blogs) • Viewing pages • Rating content • Liking content • Tagging content • Receive MySite visit Designed by
  19. 19. POINTS Signal feedback on organizationally beneficial behaviors
  20. 20. LEVELS Highlight expertise in company functions
  21. 21. ACHIEVEMENTS Reward for prominent accomplishments
  22. 22. MISSIONS Group milestones to compel business process completion
  23. 23. LEADERBOARDS Drive friendly competition to keep employees returning
  24. 24. EASY TO GET STARTED Link your Badgeville platform to SharePoint Install WSP on SharePoint web application Activate on SharePoint Sites Embed Badgeville Mechanics via OOTB WebParts Architected by
  25. 25. Survey Question #3 What are your gamification plans? 1. Learning about possibilities 2. Planning project in the next 6 months 3. Implemented, optimizing 4. Implemented, planning expansion in the next 6 months 5. Planning project in greater than 6 months time
  26. 26. Applying Game Mechanics to SharePoint Experiences
  27. 27. Points and Achievements Deliver achievements and instant feedback for users who perform valued behaviors Levels Elevate user rank, status and expertise Leaderboards Surface key people & behaviors and achievements with activity streams GAME MECHANICS
  28. 28. “By 2014, 80 percent of current gamified applications will fail to meet business objectives primarily because of poor design. Organizations are simply counting points, slapping meaningless badges on activities and creating gamified applications that are simply not engaging for the target audience.” Gartner Research, 2012
  29. 29. Source: Lehigh University, 2012,
  30. 30. Socially Valued SuccessfulSmart Structured Intrinsic Rewarded Extrinsic DESIGNING FOR HUMAN MOTIVATION Smart gamification taps into key human motivators, helping your customers feel…
  31. 31. Recognition and Positive Feedback Deliver achievements and instant feedback for users who perform valued behaviors Learning and Improving Elevate user rank, status and expertise Social Reputation and Status Surface key people & behaviors and achievements with activity streams MOTIVATION MECHANICS
  32. 32. MOTIVATING COLLABORATION Login Once Per Day Reward quality contributions and surface subject matter expertise Visit Group Site View Site Landing Page Edit Content Rate Content Comment on Content Tag Content Your Content is Liked Your Content is Highly Rated +20 pts
  33. 33. MOTIVATING LEARNING Surface activity, experience and growing expertise
  34. 34. MOTIVATING COMPLIANCE Compel proper document or records management
  35. 35. MOTIVATING COMPLIANCE Compel proper document or records management
  36. 36. Survey Question #4 What aspect of SharePoint would you first gamify? 1. Collaboration 2. Compliance 3. Document management 4. Learning 5. Expertise/Reputation 6. Other 7. None
  37. 37. CONTRIBUTIONS RETENTION Idea Submissions 100% REAL RESULTS From World-Class Companies Questions answered Ratings and votes Weekly Return 36% 47% 58% 40% EXPERTISE Docs Created 100%21% Daily Return 50% Profile views 20%
  38. 38. | QUESTIONS? Next webinar is August 21 at 10 AM PST The Dollar Value of Gamification with Forrester’s Kim Celestre
  39. 39. Visit to learn more. Contact to get started SHARPEN SHAREPOINT ADOPTION Salient6 experts can maximize the business value your organization captures from SharePoint Contact Salient6: Learn how we can help increase adoption, engagement and SharePoint effectiveness: • Unlocking the Possibilities of SharePoint (an inspirational show & share event) • SharePoint Business Value Planning (a strategic planning workshop)