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Bounce mobile guide to selling your phone

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Bounce mobile guide to selling your phone

  2. 2. HOMEPAGE – Navigation Search bars and featured models banner make selling fast
  3. 3. SELL A MOBILE Enter text in search to see dropdown. Select model to proceed to results page Click on any brand logos to search
  4. 4. SELL A MOBILE – RESULTS PAGE OVERVIEW This is the maximum price that Bounce Mobile will pay for the phone. Click to proceed with selling your mobile and proceed to basket page.
  5. 5. SELL A MOBILE – BASKET PAGE OVERVIEW Enter your IMEI number.
  6. 6. SELL A MOBILE – BASKET PAGE OVERVIEW Click on this if you have more than one mobile phone to sell. Select your payment method. Continue to last step and checkout.
  7. 7. SELL A MOBILE – CONFIRM PAGE OVERVIEW Enter all relevant personal details Click on Confirm to finish!
  8. 8. SELL A MOBILE – SALE CONFIRMATION WEBSITE An order number will be issued both via website and a confirmation email. EMAIL Next, just wait for a Bounce Mobile representative to contact seller on mobile pick up.
  9. 9. SELL A MOBILE – IN A NUTSHELL Check value on Bounce Mobile website Final offer confirmed via email Money is paid within 3 days Confirm sale of phone Bounce Mobile experts validate mobile value Bounce Mobile recycles/redistributes phone Decide on preferred time & venue for device collection Representative picks up the mobile
  10. 10. END