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Own A Small Business Use Social Media To Promote It

Finding it tough to promote your small business? Here's how to use social media to do it. shares with you these tips.

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Own A Small Business Use Social Media To Promote It

  1. 1. Own A Small Business? Use Social Media To Promote It
  2. 2. Awesome Social Content What’s the basic trick to strike it big on social media? An awesome content. Think of a visual content that is simply irresistible to the viewers and which they must share with the world. Visual images tend to receive more likes, comments and shares than other types. It can be an infographic, an image or a video. The result: more popularity.
  3. 3. Make Sharing Easy The buck does not stop at just creating a good content. One has to make it shareable too. When users find a great content they would love to share it. Making it easy for them by placing sharing buttons will go a long way in popularising your stuff.
  4. 4. Be Socially Networked It is as important to have an active social presence as it is to have good content. As a powerful tool, networking with other fellow experts and clients/customers is an important aspect. Activities like re-tweets, sharing, commenting to your clients is a very good practice and must be prioritised.
  5. 5. Think Beyond Facebook One of the biggest mistakes made by business owners is to concentrate all their social media efforts on Facebook. This can be disastrous. It is true that Facebook garners a major portion of visitor traffic but then again there are other sites to be considered. Like Pinterest. Even submitting presentation slides to SlideShare/Scribd/Issuu can be of great benefit since they have good viewership.
  6. 6. Think Affordable SEO In East Sussex Small businesses always look for ways and means to cut on expenses. In this regard they often tend to avail cheap SEO. This can cause severe harm than good. Instead a business that provides affordable SEO in East Sussex will tend to provide quality service and is not going to burn a hole in their pockets.
  7. 7. Contact Us With competition in the business sphere increasing day by day it is necessary to avail of professional, cheap & local SEO in East & West Sussex and Surrey for small businesses. We are have the necessary expertise in small business SEO in East Sussex. Contact us today to know more. 10 The Drive Hove BN3 3JA 01273 283829
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