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AD112: Usability Lessons From the Worlds Largest XPages Project (MWLUG)

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AD112: Usability Lessons From the Worlds Largest XPages Project (MWLUG)

  1. 1. AD112: Usability Lessons From the Worlds Largest XPages ProjectAndrew BarickmanPractice Leader – CollaborationPSC
  2. 2. F O U N D E D I N 1 9 9 0
  3. 3. • Integration • Mobile Enablement• Workflow • Custom Applications• Rules Engines • Dashboards• Collaboration • Process Improvement• SOA • Agile/Sustainable Architectures• Portals/Websites Our Partners
  4. 4. PSC Group, LLC is a professional PSC consultants specialize in all things IBM Lotus, from infrastructure to administration toservices and information technology development. From health checks to installation to find tuning your applications. Our specialtyconsulting firm that understands is in transforming your Notes applications into the next generation of XPages applications. Wetechnology is fundamental in the can modernize your critical business applications and infuse them with social and mobile development of business solutions.Success is collaboration, creation and functionality.innovation. It’s about taking what abusiness does and making it better. F O U N D E D I N 1 9 9 0
  5. 5. AD102: Usability Lessons - XPagesAbout Me• Nearly 20 years delivering Lotus / Notes Domino work• Started at Lotus in Boston• Manage PSC’s Collaboration Practice at PSC • Delivery • Personnel • Sales Support • Team and Project Technical Direction• Contact Information • • @ajbarickman
  6. 6. AD102: Usability Lessons - XPagesAgenda• The Application• Define Usability• Lesson One – Performance• Lesson Two – Activity Indicators• Lesson Three – Views• Questions
  7. 7. AD102: Usability Lessons - XPagesThe Worlds Largest? Really?• 100,000 Users• 105 Countries• 12 different resources from PSC• Nearly 1 million dollars• Modalities – The promise of XPages • 4 Browsers • Notes – Connected & Notes – Disconnected • Mobile
  8. 8. AD102: Usability Lessons - XPagesWhat does it do?• Highly tailored Team Room• Manages the content for all of their customer engagements• Full application lifecycle management
  9. 9. AD102: Usability Lessons - XPagesApplication Design / Constraints• Limited to 8.5.2 due to roll out constraints• Thousands of instances of the same design spread across many servers• Self contained so that it can be replicated and used locally• Support all different modalities that XPages allows• YEARS of highly complex, business specific and customized code
  10. 10. AD102: Usability Lessons - XPagesWhat is Usability? That which makes your users say I like that application.
  11. 11. AD102: Usability Lessons - XPagesPerformance• If the application does not perform nothing else you do to it matters • Single Copy XPage design • Major XPINC performance improvement in 8.5.4 (in CD4 now) • Preloading
  12. 12. AD102: Usability Lessons - XPagesVisibility Indicators• Where is my lightning bolt?• Users need to know that something is happening• Two Levels Demoed • Good • Best
  13. 13. AD102: Usability Lessons - XPagesGetting Views on the Web Right• XPages and web development require a new approach• Fundamentally different than in Notes• Key interface to nearly every application you build• Get it right and your users will love you
  14. 14. AD102: Usability Lessons - XPagesViews – Out of the Box FAILYeah… like I am going to page to get to what I want
  15. 15. AD102: Usability Lessons - XPagesViews – Search C-Your users don’t know FT search syntax…
  16. 16. AD102: Usability Lessons - XPagesViews – Query Builder B+ C-
  17. 17. AD102: Usability Lessons - XPagesViews – EXTJS Grid A+
  18. 18. AD102: Usability Lessons - XPagesViews – EXTJS Grid Architecture
  19. 19. AD102: Usability Lessons - XPages Questions?