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cooling tower annual audit process by John A. Herbert

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emsd cooling tower annual audit by John A. Herbert

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cooling tower annual audit process by John A. Herbert

  1. 1. EMSD COOLING TOWER AUDIT Hong Kong By John A. Herbert
  2. 2. Background There are approximately 9,000 cooling towers in Hong Kong. The EMSD Code of Practice forWater-cooled Air Conditioning Systems Part 2: Operation and Maintenance of CoolingTowers [ PDF link] requires an independent audit for Hong Kong CoolingTower installations.
  3. 3. Annual independent audits of operation and maintenance records of cooling tower systems shall be carried out by an independent and competent auditor. -- EMSD Code of Practice part 2, Jan 2007 edition, Clause 4.3.1
  4. 4. Annual Audit Procedure
  5. 5. CoolingTower Auditor Duties auditors to carry out the following tasks: a) Inspection on the validity of O&M manual, up-to-date water quality records, maintenance report and log book; b) Visual inspection of cooling tower system operating conditions; c) Risk and operational problem identification; d) Recommendation on remedial actions required; e) Preparation of audit report; f) Report and explain the conditions of the system to the system owner; and g) Submit annual audit report to EMSD.
  6. 6. On-site inspection
  7. 7. EMSD checking CoolingTowers EMSD conduct Legionella water sampling, and public notice for towers with excessive legionella are issued, refer to emsd website:
  8. 8. EMSD checking CoolingTowers
  9. 9. Kelcroft E&M Limited unit 18, 5/F, Hope Sea Industrial Centre 26 Lam Hing Street Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong phone: +852 2335 9830 fax: +852 2335 9862 Kelcroft John A. Herbert BEAM Professional, REA