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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Design in Tech Report 2018

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report
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First Steps
Atoms × Bits × People has happened at scale
Custom fabrication technology that leverages
computation while using less tech, traditional
manufacturing ideas is becoming more accessible.
Speech recognition has advanced to the point where
the experiences provided by this technology are
becoming just as important as how computer
graphics technology brought GUIs to the screen.
Augmented reality (and VR) experiments and ideas
abound as the technology becomes more accessible
via smartphones and inexpensive peripherals.
The majority of Americans now own a cellphone and
are rapidly upgrading to smartphones, but the US
lags in 13th place in average mobile data used per
person across countries.
Speed is a key design attribute of a mobile
experience with sessions averaging on the order of
30 seconds and over half of site visitors abandoning
a site visit if takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
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