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Social Media Workshop for Sport Hampshire IoW

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Slide deck for my workshop at Sport Hampshire & IoW's Conference, 24 April 2012 at the RoseBowl

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Social Media Workshop for Sport Hampshire IoW

  1. 1. Social media workshopSport Hampshire & IoWDownload this deck - April 2012, The ageas BowlJohn Duffy blogMarketing Director, Nemisys linkedin @johnrduffy01189 122226 @nemisys
  2. 2. Some of the NGBs we know
  3. 3. & CSPs
  4. 4. So what about social?
  5. 5. The fuss about social
  6. 6. What our clients currently do ...Total responding 35 • Little bit out of dateFacebook Page 27 • Twitter may haveFacebook group 4 overtaken Facebook PageTwitter 22YouTube 17 • I’m amazed not moreLinkedIn 12 interest in geographyFoursquare 2 (because sport & venuesPodcasts 7 are physical)Vodcasts 4Flickr 3
  7. 7. TimeTotal responses 35Less than 1 hour per week 61 – 2 hours per week 142 – 4 hours per week 61 hour per day 2
  8. 8. So what?• We’ll try to keep our advice practical• For your budgets• & time you have
  9. 9. Is it worththe effort?•
  10. 10. Is it worththe effort?
  11. 11. Safeguarding•• on-the-world-of-social-networking/6049/•
  12. 12. Privacy• Don’t worry – it’s YOUR • Museum of Me ... Let’s privacy at risk from see what information Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Apps know Google etc about me!• NOT your visitors at risk from you!
  13. 13. Museum of Me
  14. 14. Which information?User• About_me • Location• Activities • Photos & tags• Birthday • Videos & tags• Education • Religion & politics• Events • Web site• Groups • Work history• Hometown • Email• Interests • Friend lists• LikesFriends• As the user, apart from• Email• Friends list
  15. 15. Who are you targeting?• No really – who are you targeting?
  16. 16. Sport England resources
  17. 17. The fuss about social
  18. 18. The key to success• If it’s not a conversation, it’s not SOCIALAnd people chat about:• Photo• Video• Audio• Questions• Opinions• Competitions• Fixtures and Results
  19. 19. On the value of pubs ...
  20. 20. Don’t.... butt in.• You wouldn’t walk straight in to a new pub, sit down at a stranger’s table and hog the conversation
  21. 21. Don’t• ... ignore people.• If someone asks you a question answer it!
  22. 22. Don’t• ... dominate the conversation• But do politely join other peoples’ conversations if you have something to offer.
  23. 23. Don’t• ... “broadcast” your links all the time.• Sometimes it’s nice just to chat rather than sell, sell, sell
  24. 24. Do• ... be a regular.• That way strangers know where to find you. Work out how often you can post, Tweet, share etc based on resource + content plan.
  25. 25. Do• ... listen.• Be ready to answer if your name comes up in conversation. You will find automated barmen/maids who will listen for you and let you know if your name comes up while you’re not there.
  26. 26. Do• ... thank people.• Really simple. If someone likes or shares your content, thank them!
  27. 27. Do• ... vary your posts.• Back to the pub – don’t only tell jokes, tell stories and discuss current affairs too. Mix it up with photos, videos, questions, opinions and of course links.
  28. 28. [FaceBook] Do• ... write “for the news feed”.• Even though you are writing on your own wall, remember that most people will read your message on their own news feed. So saying things like “check out the tab on the left” doesn’t work.
  29. 29. [FaceBook] Do• send updates, but only for really important things.• Edit page > resources > connect with people & then you can send your message. This arrives as a notification, so don’t use this too often or you will turn people off.
  30. 30. [FaceBook] Do• ... make your page as open as possible.• Allow fans to post to your page, add photos, tag photos etc. This is the best way to benefit from Facebook’s viral effect, so if you don’t do this it’s just more marketing!
  31. 31. And tone of voice
  32. 32. Examples• ure=player_embedded&v=vdTsNXTQa Kw• HCskip••
  33. 33. Content planning
  34. 34. Fundamentals• Audience• Their objectives/motivations• Purpose of the page• Organisational objectives
  35. 35. Content typesPhotos Links• Staged, reportage, action • Can be informative• Sneak previews, behind the • Or occasionally just post for scenes, capturing emotion fun• Don’t forget they don’t have to be yours – you can post Questions and polls about other peoples’ photos • Can be looking for too information you needVideo • Or again just for fun, asking for people’s opinions and• The types of video content views are identical to photo• With video, it’s even more Other common to post other • Competitions peoples’ video to your page • Opinions
  36. 36. What do you have to draw on?• Matches • Photos• Tournaments • Video• Cups • Links• Festivals • Questions & polls• Think age ranges – youth to • Competitions seniors • Opinions• (Race) meetings• Community work • Before• VIP visits • During• Elite athletes • After• Funded athletes• Committee meetings Let’s get stuck in!• Sponsor opportunities
  37. 37. Key technique: content planDate Whats happening Content opportunities Blog Facebook YouTube Linkedin Twitter ipadio Foursquare News item Who? 09-Jun Goodform CRM Summit Visit to Emirates Stadium y y y jd Running workshops y y y jd Contact with speakers y y y jd Contact with delegates y y y jd 14-Jun Meeting at Woodhall Spa, EGU HQ Photograph before meeting y y jd 15-Jun Mark Wood meeting Polar explorer - photos & y y y mks interview 17-Jun Workshop at British Eventing Sample interviews as part of y y y jd workshop 12-Jul England Hockey, London Cup Photographs with great & y y jd good David Faulkner insights to y y y jd team progress Match itself y jd 12-Jul Primary Club Dinner (Lords?) Photographs y y jd 13-Jul BUCS conference, fixtures & y y y y jd results system launch 19-Jul Melcrum, Internal Giving paper y mks Communications conference ipadio interviews y y mks
  38. 38. Your content plan templateDownload your copy’ll use this one
  39. 39. Advertising
  40. 40. Let’s have a look at Facebook • Targeting options •
  41. 41. & some freebies from me
  42. 42. Questions? Duffy blogMarketing Director, Nemisys linkedin @johnrduffy01189 122226 @nemisys