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Crowd Funding Momentum by Jonah Engler

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When a project initial begins to recieve crowd funding - it's crucial that you keep this initial buzz going to continue to gain funds. In this presentation put together by financial expert and entrepreneur Jonah Engler - you will learn how to keep the crowd funding momentum moving.

Jonah Engler is a financial expert and stock broker based in NYC. Leveraging his experience in finance, Engler has gone on to have success in the franchise, coffee, startup industries and more. To connect with Jonah - checkout his profile on LinkedIn:

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Crowd Funding Momentum by Jonah Engler

  1. 1. 3 Tips to Keep that Crowd Funded Momentum Going
  2. 2. When you are seeking investments for a new product or brand you have in mind, putting crowd funding to use is often more beneficial than getting involved with stocks and the stock market itself in addition to traditional capital funding opportunities. Keeping your crowd interested in the funding you have setup is essential to move forward with the business model and plans you have in mind for your company and its future.
  3. 3. Keep in Touch With Contributors and Followers In order to keep the momentum going once you have launched a crowd funding campaign it is important to maintain communication with followers and those who have already contributed to your ideas and plans. Sending updates, personal emails and sharing news to those who are interested in your crowd funding project is a way to reassure them they are on board with an idea they can truly support and get behind.
  4. 4. Use Social Media to Your Advantage Putting social media to your advantage is also a must when working with crowd funding marketing plans today. Using Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google Plus gives you the ability to gain additional momentum and reach when you want to appeal to hundreds of thousands of users simultaneously with the news and updates you are looking to share. Using social media is not only another platform to share information regarding the crowd funding page you have setup, but it is also a way for you to easily communicate and converse with those who have a genuine interest in backing and supporting your cause.
  5. 5. Remain Honest and Genuine With Your Crowd Always remain honest and genuine with the crowd you want to reach with any marketing or crowd funding campaign you have running in place. Remaining honest and genuine allows others to see you as an individual, not just another company or corporate image. Speaking directly to those who follow you, answering questions and keeping the conversation friendly is a way to share the message you want to send without simply asking for funding without any reasoning behind your thoughts.
  6. 6. Understanding how to keep the crowd momentum going when you begin utilizing crowd funding is imperative when you genuinely want to take the next steps necessary to reaching additional success in business. The more loyal and excited your followers are for your idea to come to fruition, the easier it ultimately becomes to bring your ideas and plans into action.
  7. 7. Jonah Engler is a Financial Expert based in New York City. A full time stock broker, franchise owner, coffee lover and investor; Engler helps startup businesses and franchise’s grow through smart financial planning.