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How To Make More Money Immediately Using Affiliate Tracking Software Tools

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Learn the ways you can make more money using affiliate software tools and tracking.

See the 7 most popular tools to track your partners for success.

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How To Make More Money Immediately Using Affiliate Tracking Software Tools

  1. 1. “How to Make More Money Immediately Using Affiliate Tracking Software Tools and Partnerships” Jon Rognerud
  2. 2. In the world of online business, there is nothing more wanted, needed and discussed than…TRAFFIC. Professional marketers know however, that there are differences in traffic driving strategies. I don’t mean the various channels and options for getting traffic (that’s easy) – but the more exclusive and tougher kind to get. The TARGETED traffic. What good is 10, 50 or a 100,000 new visitors to your page if they are not interested in what you offer, or don’t care what you are all about? Visitors will “bounce” and is of no value to your business – a waste of your (and their) time. No new sales either. Search Optimization That’s a main reason why user-initiated search traffic is so valuable. It’s targeted. It’s action-driven. Somebody searching for ‘personal injury attorney atlanta’, ‘real estate broker san diego’, ‘financial planner manhattan beach’ or ‘toms black leather shoes for women’ are very motivated researchers and possible buyers. Unlike another type of traffic – a person who sees an ‘interruption ad’ on a non-related website, or a super-pitchy ad on Facebook or Twitter. (Still very viable traffic platforms, but the approach and psychology is different.) Using keyword research strategies, on-page copy and partner link building, a business can be placed with top results in both organic (SEO) and paid (PPC) search engines. If the business already has a proven products and a well-developed back end funnel - this additional strategy can double, triple the business revenue over time when tracked, tuned and further optimized. I assume you already know these things. Today, I’m not writing about that. I’m talking about how to make more money immediately by using affiliates, or partner referrals – where they get an incentive to help push immediate and related traffic to your product sales pages. WARNING: The BIG assumption here is that you already have digital products for sale. You can do this with services also, but it’s a little less straight-forward. Why Get Affiliates?
  3. 3. The whole idea is that you get relevant and trusted (by virtue of referral) traffic, and you can track who’s sending that traffic and sales so you can reward them. Easy to Set up a) Get partners that will promote for you and share tracking codes (purchase options also) b) Offer a healthy $ split between you and help them understand the payout schedule and legalities c) Offer banners, email copy, rules for promotion, easy ways to login and check stats Top Affiliate Software Tracking Tools These are not listed in order of importance or preference. Some of these can be part of a larger system (ex: CRM) and others are standalone. They can be part of a content management system, for example WordPress. 1. Infusionsoft 2014-content-kit/1df5ese-oys-60x600-.png 2. Ontraport - 3. Omnistar – 4. Cake – – a cloud-based campaign and affiliate tracking solution 5. IDevAffiliate – 6. HasOffers – 7. PostAffiliatePro – When you combine the direct partner outreach with other promotional strategies (search, social, email) with an easy way to qualify partners during a sign-up process, you’ll have an avalanche of new, targeted traffic and sales. Wouldn’t you want to share your innovation, experience and products with a much bigger audience…while creating more impact at the same time? Go set up an affiliate trial today.