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Publicado el - Download PDF and Get the SEO Local CheatSheet Video to go with it. You'll see how I ranked a local website in less than 48 hours in search engines. You'll also get the local seo cheatsheets video and the recent research for local seo optimization. From Jon Rognerud

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  1. 1. FREE: SEO CHEAT SHEET FOR FAST RANKING (UNDER 7 DAYS) Jon Rognerud – Author, Online Expert © 2015. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Ranking in search engines is not hard these days. While much is written about it taking a long time and it being difficult, etc. – that’s simply not the case. IF… … you know what you are doing. P.S. A video is coming of the sequence of events, and you can see further proof there as well. BOOM! Let’s dive right in, and I’ll explain how this was done later. I want to share some proof points right away. The domain was registered (from whois) on 2014-11-27T06:15:00.00Z. The site was submitted on 10:55 AM 11/28/2014 On 12/1/14 – it was #4 (BELOW) YAHOO:
  3. 3. BING: Found in top position a few days later.
  4. 4. GOOGLE: (from doing virtually “nothing”): DISCLAIMER: Rankings “Dance” all the time. Expect results to change – they do. (Daily, Hourly)…. 
  5. 5. HOW IT WAS DONE Basically we did this: 1) Researched ‘niche’ keywords in Google 2) Researched domains with keyword matches (Godaddy bulk checker works fast and good) 3) Add a wordpress basic theme 4) Added some simple content (and references to authority sites) 5) Added a simple navigation 6) Privacy Policy 7) Form to contact 8) Optimized the home page only 9) Added XML sitemaps plugin for wordpress 10) Added WP-seo plugin and set tags 11) Submitted to search engines Then, we waited… (but we were checking every hour…) That’s it! WAS THIS USEFUL AND HELPFUL? (You can answer that, I hope so!). However, if you don’t work the on-page and off-page factors, including content strategies and local 7-pack (for local niche keywords) – you’ll be pushed out by the competition and lack of “trust” signals for search engines. THEREFORE… JOIN MY SEO 7-DAY LOCAL WEBINAR: REGISTER YOUR SEAT HERE: (Register now) (Slides are found here)