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Mapping what you know

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A presentation about how OpenStreetMap is built by people just like you - just mapping what they know

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Mapping what you know

  1. 1. A handcrafted evolving map
  2. 2. What’s in it for me?
  3. 3. How could this ever work? Just you, mapping what you know
  4. 4. Contribute to an open streetview of the world, one we can use for mapping Step 1: install app Step 2: take pictures Step 3: upload pictures
  5. 5. Walking Papers
  6. 6. Links Evolution of OSM maps: Editing the map with Overpass Turbo: Your OSM heatmap: Map coloured by contributor Historical OSM map: Paved roads in OSM: and Lazy Mapillary: Mapillary in Albania: Walking Papers: Import guidelines: Typhon Haiyan Damage Assesment with OSM: