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Atd 702010institute presentation 20150518 orlando

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70:20:10 and beyond. Our presentation at ICE2015 Orlando announcing the 70:20:10 Institute with Charles jennings & Vivian Heijnen

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Atd 702010institute presentation 20150518 orlando

  2. 2. Agenda 1. Introduction 70:20:10 reference model 2. New Roles for L&D think business Performance Detective Performance Architect Performance Master Builder Performance Game Changer Performance Tracker
  3. 3. What is 70:20:10 according to you?
  4. 4. Realized value Single point solutions Continuous development Extended learning into the Workflow Learning separate from work Learning integrated from work 10 20 70 FORMAL LEARNING INFORMAL & SOCIAL LEARNING CONCEPTUALIZE EXPERIMENT EXPERIENCEREFLECT
  5. 5. Business worldLearning world Performance 20 & 70 INTERVENTIONS • Expert • Proficient • Capable Time 10 INTERVENTIONS • Advanced Beginner • Novice • Competent
  6. 6. how much time or budget is spent on 10, 20 and 70 in your organization?
  7. 7. Jos Arets | Charles Jennings | Vivian Heijnen 702010 and beyond EXTENDED LEARNING INTO THE WORKFLOW
  8. 8. exploring new opportunities / extending our roles LET’S TAKE A LOOK AT OUR OWN WORLD(S)
  9. 9. Agenda 1. Introduction 70:20:10 reference model 2. New Roles for L&D think business Performance Detective Performance Architect Performance Master Builder Performance Game Changer Performance Tracker
  10. 10. Performance Detective Performance Tracker Performance Game Changer Performance Master Builder Performance Architect
  11. 11. PERFORMANCE DETECTIVE • TASK 1: Organize commitment of the right client • TASK 2: Determine critical Business problem • TASK 4: Describe current performance • TASK 5: Describe desired performance • TASK 6: Determine performance gap • TASK 7: Root cause analysis: barriers • TASK 8: Root cause analysis: critical tasks • TASK 9: Prioritize root causes • TASK 3: Determine core processes
  12. 12. EXPANDING YOUR ROLE IN THE BUSINESS PERFORMANCE DETECTIVE STRATEGIC PARTNER / ENABLER: IDENTIFYING CORE PROBLEMS Training Needs Analysis Business Analysis Target Group Analysis Performance Analysis Requirements Definition Root Cause Analysis ANALYST PERFORMANCE DETECTIVE OUTPUT: ROLE: Training Needs, Target Group 
 Overview Report Critical Business Issues, 
 Gaps, Root Causes, Critical Tasks
  13. 13. Context Environment Task Processess Organi- zational Goals Results/ added value Performance is realized in this direction Analyse in this direction DON’T START HERE START HERE
  14. 14. KNOWING 10 DOING 70 RESULTS SHARING 20 Input Tasks Output Consequences If you just focus on here… You don’t get this!
  15. 15. “Problems are best solved with somebody else’s money” - Paul Getty -
  16. 16. PERFORMANCE ARCHITECT •TASK 10 Develop the 100 •TASK 11 Validate the design
  17. 17. EXPANDING YOUR ROLE IN THE BUSINESS PERFORMANCE ARCHITECT SOLUTION DESIGNER CO-CREATING WITH STAKEHOLDERS Design high level program of training interventions Design solutions with the ’100’ Apply instructional strategies Validate and determine 702010 design Requirements definition Root cause analysis DESIGNER PERFORMANCE ARCHITECT OUTPUT: ROLE: Learning objectives (goals), high level design training interventions Performance goals, prototype / design
  18. 18. uncertainty / ideas / sketching choices based on 702010-design Focus / scenarios / certainty list of feasible ideas research Prototype design Generate ideas in the design lab Performance Architect
  19. 19. PERFORMANCE MASTER BUILDER •TASK 12 Prepare 70:20:10 solutions •TASK 13 Review 70:20:10 solutions •TASK 14 Cocreate Supporting •TASK 15 Cocreate Resourcing •TASK 16 Cocreate Challenging •TASK 17 Cocreate Collaboration •TASK 18 Cocreate Sharing •TASK 19 Cocreate Improving •TASK 20 Cocreate Memorizing •TASK 21 Cocreate Familiarizing
  20. 20. EXPANDING YOUR ROLE IN THE BUSINESS MASTER BUILDER SOLUTION BUILDER CO-CREATING WITH STAKEHOLDERS Developing instruction plans Co-Creating Critical tasks with stakeholders Reviewing with designers Agile review with stakeholders Developing structured ‘formal’ learning 
 interventions Co-Creation with Stakeholders: including 70 & 20 & 10 Solutions DEVELOPER MASTER BUILDER OUTPUT: ROLE: Learning Interventions: e.g. e-learning, training and training plans, workshops etc. 702010 Solutions including social performance support,
 information resources, sharing tools, communities, 

  21. 21. 70 20 10 1.Resourcing 2.Supporting 3.Challenging 4.Collaborating 5.Sharing 6.Improving 10.Memorizing 11.Familiarizing Organisational outcomes
  22. 22. Supporting Category Some examples • Work instruction • Performance support (checklist, flowchart, Quick Reference 
 cards etc.) • Job aids • Simulation • Access to relevant policy and procedures • Access to information(feedback) about performance • Access to formal learning • Access to informal learning • Difficult tasks of projects • New jobs • Difficult clients, collegues, managers or other difficult 
 situations • Special assignments Challenging Resourcing Examples solutions 70
  23. 23. Examples of 70 Solutions?
  24. 24. Category Some examples • Taking part • Modelling • Shaping • Peer feedback • Power of experts in your network • Power of peers in your network • Peer support • Peer feedback • Knowledge production in communities (of practice) • Knowledge sharing in communities (of practice) • Good practices • PDCA • Root cause Analysis • Double loop learning • Training teams • Coaching teams • Coaching Examplary Performers • Reflection tools for teams • After Action Review Collaborating Improving Reflecting Examples solutions 20
  25. 25. Examples Knowing 10 Memorizing Category • Micro-learning • Memory Trainer • Gaming • Simulation • MOOC’s • Micro-learning • Performance support • Virtualization Familiarizing Some examples
  26. 26. PERFORMANCE GAME CHANGER •TASK 22 Make connections •TASK 23 Communicate and collaborate •TASK 24 Form effective teams •TASK 25 Make a program plan •TASK 26 Support line management •TASK 27 Make a masterplan
 interventions Developing master implementation plan to improve performance Delivering formal learning interventions Delivering joined-up 70, 20 and 10 solutions Train the Trainer / Transfer training expertise Aligning project elements, adopting results-based approach
 TRAINING IMPLEMENTER GAME CHANGER OUTPUT ROLE Learning interventions excecuted on time, participants succesfully complete program Improved individual, team and organizational 
  28. 28. PERFORMANCE TRACKER •TASK 28 Make a measurement plan •TASK 29 Collect and analyze data •TASK 30 Report the results •TASK 31 Monitor the 70:20:10 program
  29. 29. EXPANDING YOUR ROLE IN THE BUSINESS PERFORMANCE TRACKER EFFECTIVENESS AND EFFICIENCY EVALUATOR Level 1-5 Evaluation Based on Kirkpatrick/ Phillips Performance measurements aligned with and 
 derived from business stakeholders Formative and summative evaluation of formal learning interventions EVALUATOR PERFORMANCE TRACKER OUTPUT: ROLE: Report of impact and recommendations to improve future training interventions Business case addressed, performance gaps closed, problems solved
  30. 30.
  31. 31. 702010: walk the talk!