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10 top things to do in Andalucía

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10 top things to do in Andalucía

  1. 1. ANDALUCIA TOP 9 Things to Do 1 Explore our past through different remains and monuments from the Iberians, Romans, Arabs, etc. Many places in Andalucía are listed in the World Site Heritage: Córdoba, Granada or Sevilla are just a few examples. But don’t limit yourself to big cities, virtually any town has something to offer. Visit Patrimonio Histórico Andaluz. 2 Spend a day on a beautiful beach. This region can boast the longest shoreline in the whole of Spain with over 1,000 kms and many of our beaches display the International Blue Flag. From sandy Huelva to windsurfing paradise Cádiz, from cosmopolitan Málaga to nearly virgin Almería. Visit Playas de Andalucía. 3 Ski down the slopes in Sierra Nevada in Granada because in this sunny and hot region we also have a ski resort with plenty of snow in the wintertime. Visit Sierra 4 Attend one of the different Flamenco shows scattered all over Andalucía. After all, since November 2010, it is World Cultural Heritage. Sevilla, Jerez or Granada are well-known places to find some famous venues but don't forget amateur ones. Visit 5 Put on your boots and go trekking off the beaten track in some of the different routes in the countryside. Natural Parks in Jaén, Cádiz or Huelva are just a few examples not to be missed if you look for awe-inspiring landscapes. Visit Rutas del Sur. 6Go tapas! They are small mouth watering delicacies offered with your drinks in bars. You won’t know what to choose from the long list available and in same places like Granada or Almería they come for free!! Visit A Tapear. 7 Mingle with the locals in Feria time! Colorful festivities especially in springtime with famous big ferias like in Jerez or Sevilla and romerías in different towns in western Andalucía. Visit Fiestas en Andalucia. 8 Experience our Semana Santa. Whether you are Catholic or not, this is a time to see, smell and feel. Cities and towns are transformed, traffic diverted and everybody wears their Sunday’s best to enjoy unforgettable “procesiones”. Find out more. 9 Although virtually every Language Assistant was dying for a placement in a city or big town, allow yourselves some time to discover our little “pueblos”. Laid-back places where old men chat in squares, old ladies water their flowers or kids play catch after school. Try “Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos” in Cádiz, Serranía de Ronda or Axarquía in Málaga, Alpujarra in Granada, Sierra de Huelva or Sierra Norte in Sevilla. Visit Pueblos Andaluces. © José A. Alcalde López