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How to Create a Rockstar Twitter Profile in 5 Minutes

Two years ago I had 500 followers on Twitter. Today I have over 6,000 and am adding hundreds more every month. No, I'm not buying followers, and never have. The first key to building a following on Twitter is to have a complete profile. Here's how to fill in all those blanks on Twitter, quickly and easily, inspire confidence in your audience, and get people following you.

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How to Create a Rockstar Twitter Profile in 5 Minutes

  1. @joshsteimle How to Create a Rockstar Twitter Profile in 5 Minutes
  2. @joshsteimle Theproblem
  3. @joshsteimle Thesolution (in7easysteps)
  4. @joshsteimle Step1:Full name (otherwise, peoplecan’tfindyouusingit) EventhoughI follow Dan,his profiledoesn’t show upwhenI search forhisfull namebecause hedidn’tuseitinhis profile.
  5. @joshsteimle Step2:Profilephoto (peopledon’t trust “theegg”)
  6. @joshsteimle Step3:Bannerphoto (useittosay something aboutyou— makeitpersonal)
  7. @joshsteimle Step4:Bio (makesureitcouldn’tbewrittenbythisthing)
  8. @joshsteimle Twitter bio basics: • Haveone • Notypos • Don’tusethesewords; guru,visionary, expert,maven,driven, passionate • ThinklikeanSEOandusekeywords • Includecredibilityfactorstodifferentiate • Includehobbiesto beauthentic
  9. @joshsteimle Goodbios:
  10. @joshsteimle Step5:Otherinfo (location,link,etc.)
  11. @joshsteimle Step6:Makeiteasyfor others to findyou. (changethesesettingsunder “securityandprivacy)
  12. @joshsteimle Step7:Follow,beuseful. Unless you’reacelebrity,theeasiest waytogetfollowers istofollowothers. Thebest waytogetfollowersistopost usefulcontentpeople love.
  13. @joshsteimle Twitter: @joshsteimle