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Why Hong Kong? Expanding Your Business to Asia.

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In 2013 I moved my family to Hong Kong to open my digital marketing agency's first international office. This slide deck was used for a presentation at the San Francisco office of InvestHK on Nov 3rd, 2015, to explain why I chose Hong Kong for my business, and why I believe Hong Kong is a compelling first option for other businesses looking to expand to Asia. In the presentation I talked about the startup scene in Hong Kong, ease of doing business, and what it's like to live and work in Hong Kong.

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Why Hong Kong? Expanding Your Business to Asia.

  1. @joshsteimle Why Hong Kong? Expanding your business to Asia
  2. @joshsteimle Challenges
  3. @joshsteimle NoWalmart
  4. @joshsteimle NoAmazon
  5. @joshsteimle NoCostco
  6. @joshsteimle Education System $25K/yr forprivateschool
  7. @joshsteimle Summers =Hot&Humid
  8. @joshsteimle Timezones NYCis12-13hoursdifferent
  9. @joshsteimle DidI mentionthere’sno Amazon?
  10. @joshsteimle Butit’sall manageable.
  11. @joshsteimle “Thosewho havea'why' tolive, can bearwith almostany‘how'.” —ViktorFrankl
  12. @joshsteimle Why live in HongKong?
  13. @joshsteimle First,why Asiaatall?
  14. @joshsteimle Massivepotential,that’s why.
  15. @joshsteimle 4.3Billion Asia Population,2013 Source:
  16. @joshsteimle 4.9Billion Asia Population,2030 Source:
  17. @joshsteimle 525Million Asia MiddleClass,2013 Source: thirds-of-global-middle-class-will-be-in-Asia-Pacific
  18. @joshsteimle 3.1Billion Asia MiddleClass, 2030 Source: thirds-of-global-middle-class-will-be-in-Asia-Pacific
  19. @joshsteimle 9.4% Asia-PacificInternetPenetration,2005 Source:
  20. @joshsteimle 38.8% Asia-PacificInternetPenetration,2015 Source:
  21. @joshsteimle 344 Million Asia-PacificInternetUsers,2005 Sources: Internet Telecommunications Union Statistics/Pages/stat/default.aspx, We Are Social SG 2013/03/state-social-asia-march-2013/
  22. @joshsteimle 1.56Billion Asia-PacificInternetUsers,2015 Source:
  23. @joshsteimle 0 Asia-Pacific MobileInternetUsers,2005 Sources: Internet Telecommunications Union Statistics/Pages/stat/default.aspx, We Are Social SG 2013/03/state-social-asia-march-2013/
  24. @joshsteimle 1.02Billion Asia-Pacific MobileInternetUsers,2015 Source: Billion-Smartphone-Users/1012984
  25. @joshsteimle SoWhy HongKong?
  26. @joshsteimle Location 1/2worldpopulationwithin5 hrflight.
  27. @joshsteimle Shenzhen 1hraway HongKonguniquelypositioned forIoT,hardwarestartups.
  28. @joshsteimle Incorporation Donein 1hour.
  29. @joshsteimle Startup Support Vibrant,friendlycommunity, helpfulgovernment(mostofthe time).
  30. @joshsteimle 83.48years Highestlifeexpectancyworldwide Source: World Bank, Last updated: May 7, 2014
  31. @joshsteimle Safety You won’tbemugged,but becareful jaywalking.
  32. @joshsteimle 2ndFastest Internet AvgMbps:16.8.Internetspeedshave increased37%overthe lastyear. Source: Akamai State of the Internet Report, Q4, 2014
  33. @joshsteimle LegaltoKillHusband
  34. @joshsteimle LegaltoKillHusband If he’scheating,andwife uses bare hands.
  35. @joshsteimle WhatisHongKong?
  36. @joshsteimle 266islands
  37. @joshsteimle HongKong SAR (Special AdministrativeRegion; One Country,TwoSystems)
  38. @joshsteimle <25%landdeveloped Lotsofgreen space.
  39. @joshsteimle Pop.7.15million
  40. @joshsteimle StartingaBusinessin HongKong
  41. @joshsteimle Immigration Typically2-3monthwait. Startup visaavailable.
  42. @joshsteimle OfficeSpace Most startupsusecoworkspaces.
  43. GarageSociety
  44. Blueprint
  45. TheHive
  46. Paperclip
  47. WYND
  48. CoCoon
  49. @joshsteimle Banking Canbea pain,justlike everywhere else.
  50. @joshsteimle SeedCapital Plentifulangelinvestors, accelerators, pitchevents.
  51. @joshsteimle VentureCapital Improvingallthetime.
  52. @joshsteimle Living in HongKong
  53. @joshsteimle July Wettestmonth
  54. @joshsteimle Healthcare Socialized (“free”)butformore seriousissues you’llprobablymay wanttopayforaprivatehospital.
  55. @joshsteimle CostofLiving? Expensive,butmanageable.
  56. @joshsteimle Language Englishand Cantoneseboth officiallanguages.
  57. @joshsteimle Transportation Bestsubwayin theworld,super cheapandplentifultaxis.
  58. @joshsteimle Outdoorlifestyle Hiking,trailrunning,swimming, camping,boating,fishing,etc.
  59. @joshsteimle Questions? Twitter: @joshsteimle