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Basic Principles of Graphics and Layout

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the principles on how to make graphic layout

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Basic Principles of Graphics and Layout

  2. 2. All About Infographic Infographic  Is the short term for information graphic. Infographic refers to:  An image that combines information, storytelling, and perceptions. Advantage  People rely on their sense of sight.
  3. 3. Basic Elements of Layout and Design Lines The first and most basic element of design is that of the line. Basic elements, and it define the characteristics of an infographic.
  4. 4. Color  Powerful and influential elements. Using the right combination of colors can catch the attention of a passerby or even glancing viewers.  It can stand alone, as a background, or be applied to other elements, like lines, shapes, textures or typography.
  5. 5. Shapes  Define by the enclosure created by a combination of multiple lines.  Shapes, geometric or organic, add interest. Shapes are defined by boundaries, such as a lines or color, and they are often used to emphasize a portion of the page.
  6. 6. That’s all Thank You!!!