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Slamit7 School visits. Presentation of the elementary school - važeća-M

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Slamit7 School visits presentation of the elementary school - važeća-M

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Slamit7 School visits. Presentation of the elementary school - važeća-M

  1. 1. I'm sure that like me, you wear a LOT of different hats at your school • When talking about teaching and learning, most people don’t immediately think of librarians. • When a lot of people think about our job , they think about someone who checks books in and out at a desk all day. • But in a school where the our job is valued, we can teach important skills.
  2. 2. • I teach students , teach with students, I'm learning from a student • Made digital lessons for studens in Moodle, • Made lessons with web2 tools • Made lessons with micro:bits • collaborate with principle and teachers, • write library lesson plans, • I'm responsible for maintaining library materials, • maintaining our school website,our school journal, • coordinating many projects in school and out of school • organized literary meetings • and go to the theater and cinema with students • and many other jobs that I can't even think to list at the moment.
  3. 3. Comics interpretation using Web2 tools Ružica Rebrović Habek, teacher librarian Bernarda Pintar, class teacher OŠ braće Radić, Botinec
  4. 4. Let’s start with some questions! • Why „Durica”? • For many years Durica has been a favorite book of the lower grades of elementary school children • Comics are a very interesting and educative read to lower grade students • The comic Durica deals with many „tricky” topics of that age in a very straightforward and nice way • Why Comiclife? – a simple tool for the making of a photo comic • Why Plickers? • Plickers- simple, user friendly tool for anonymous questionnaires, repetition and knowledge testing, quickly and eagerly accepted by pupils and
  5. 5. The role of libraries and librarians in the teaching process • Creative approach to reading and book intepretation • Media literacy – comics intrepretation • Application of Information and communication technology tools (Plickers i Comic Life) • Importance of civic education and correlation with lessons of Croatian language and literature • Objective: to present new and different possibilities in book intepretation and civic education
  6. 6. Correlation of civic education and book intepretation in the classroom Motivation: theatrical approach (puppet play) Announcement and localization of the text- PowerPoint presentation- Text interpretation Creative work: the making of a class comic book (Comic Life)-
  7. 7. • Creative work: Production of class comic book • Repetition – Plickers – • Homework: making of comic books by pupils individually – • In classroom: Editing and analysis of comic book „Durica” and Durica’s behavior in a correct and socially acceptable way-
  8. 8. Classroom comic book
  9. 9. Homework: Individual comic books
  10. 10. In classroom – Emotional control (Social dimension)
  11. 11. Hopefully, Durica and Plickers will engage and motivate you too!
  12. 12. Plickers • Simple and user friendly tool – • Education is available through Carnet e-lab and YouTube tutorials • Amazing tool for content repetition in educational fields and in questionnaires for determining feelings and opinions • Necessary resources  User account –  Mobile application  Powerpoint projection in classroom  Good internet connection in classroom  Cards for each pupil
  13. 13. Practical application of Plickers in classroom
  14. 14. Double lesson realized with students of class 2. c and teacher Bernarda Pintar
  15. 15. Thank you for your attention!