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Should You Attend Alfresco DevCon 2011?          Start                                   We sold our soul                 ...
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Should You Attend Alfresco Devcon 2011

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A helpful flowchart for people still on the fence about whether or not they should attend the annual Alfresco developer conference.

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Should You Attend Alfresco Devcon 2011

  1. 1. Should You Attend Alfresco DevCon 2011? Start We sold our soul No way. Nothing ever to proprietary for We went changes around here. a round of golf homegrown Its so frustrating! Any chance of Arrrggh! Does your Why not? that changing? organization use the Alfresco platform to Didnt IT settled for manage unstructured No realize it SharePoint Were looking content? was an at options option You sound stressed. You know, youre Maybe you should Yes DevCon is a great place right! take some time off? to research the platform Are you Now youre talking. technical? Actually, Im an Are youYes Why not visit San Alfresco Rock Star! kidding? Im Diego or London? too busy No fighting fires. I think my suit and Whats the Know tie scared them off point anyway? anyone DevCon has plenty of who is? And humble! Maybe opportunities for Im concerned that Yes you should speak. networking witnessing the power of Write up an abstract our open platform for and watch the DevCon content management first- blog for a call for hand would drive you papers further into despair. Do you need No You Should your managers Come to approval? DevCon I smell an off-site! You Should Make DevCon a Yes Not Come to team thing. DevCon Is your boss fun to Yes Invite your boss. Spin DevCon as hang out with? Spin DevCon as a great way to get a great way to training on the find out about No, not at all cheap. Dont Alfresco 4.0. mention the party. Yes Okay, this is You nailed it. critical. Oversell it Does your Please help and your boss will department No me! want to come. have a training Undersell it and budget? Wait, so basically your boss you cant go. is a tool and has no budget for tech conferences? Yes, but reason seems to work occasionally