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Developing a Roadmap for Digital Transformation

Digitally mature companies out-perform their peers in innovation, agility and responsiveness to customers. “Digirati” also enjoy advantages in efficiency and effectiveness in product delivery, marketing, e-commerce, sales and customer service. More importantly, companies that achieve Digital Excellence are 26% more profitable (source: Capgemini Consulting and MIT Centre for Digital Business).

However, building a Roadmap for Digital Transformation requires not only successful collaboration between the CMO and the CIO, it also demands a strong customer-focused orientation and digital culture. During this presentation, John Sinke will share insights from leading marketers and his personal experience of turning Resorts World Sentosa into a “digital business”.

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Developing a Roadmap for Digital Transformation

  1. 1. John Sinke July 2014 John Sinke CMO Summit, 11th July 2014 The views expressed are mine and not necessarily those of Resorts World at Sentosa Pte Ltd Developing a Roadmap for Digital Transformation
  2. 2. Insights from leading marketers… Source: Buzzfeed
  3. 3. Real-time marketing?
  4. 4. Six Hotels Adventure Cove Waterpark S.E.A. Aquarium Meetings & Events Shows & Concerts ESPA Luxury Spa 50 F&B Outlets Luxury Retail Weddings Casino
  5. 5. John Sinke November 2012 Can you come and fix our website? Can you come and fix our website?
  6. 6. John Sinke November 2012 This is where we are now…
  7. 7. John Sinke November 2012 Still a long way to go…
  8. 8. John Sinke November 2012 Good progress in Search, Analytics, Display and Social…
  9. 9. Why focus on Digital? • Follow your audience… • Better Customer Experience… • Lower Cost Per Acquisition… • Higher margins…
  10. 10. Digital Excellence… Digital Transformation…
  11. 11. What is Digital Excellence? What is Digital Excellence? Marketing leadership in the strategic deployment of digital channels and business processes
  12. 12. “Digirati” are 26% more profitable Enjoy a 12% higher market valuation Generate 9% more revenue Drive more efficiency Source: Cap Gemini and MIT Why is Digital Excellence important?
  13. 13. Insights from leading marketers… Source: Accenture Interactive
  14. 14. Confidence in Digital Channels… Source: Accenture Interactive
  15. 15. Confidence in Digital Channels… Source: Accenture Interactive
  16. 16. Lack of confidence in Digital Future… Source: Accenture Interactive
  17. 17. Customer experience across channels lags behind… Source: Accenture Interactive
  18. 18. Consistent Customer Experience across all channels Insight: today’s digital customer expects a relevant and delightful customer experience at all times and across all channels Source: Accenture Interactive
  19. 19. Opportunities and threats are all about the customer & the brand…. No one should have the pulse of that better than the CMO? Who’s driving Digital transformation? 35% CEO 23% CTO 22% CIO 1% CMO 19% Other Source: Accenture Interactive
  20. 20. Biggest barriers to Digital Integration? Source: Accenture Interactive
  21. 21. External agencies are doing a better job Brands continue to hire Digital Talent Not able to hire enough experienced Digital Marketers… Solution is to strive for “Digital Excellence” Don’t make everyone a digital guru Give everyone a degree of digital literacy
  22. 22. Train Offline Marketers in Digital Marketing.... Educate Digital Marketers in Offline Marketing.... Marketing Silos  Integrated Marketing From Marketing Department to INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS
  23. 23. Digital Excellence In eight steps!
  24. 24. Step 1. Understand where you are now Foundation Intermediate Advanced World Class Emergent Managed Optimised Pioneers, driven by personal interest Transformed Companies that achieve Digital Excellence out- perform their peers in innovation, agility and responsiveness People Process Technology Inadequate measurement, ineffective control and direction Legacy systems, poorly designed, difficult to operate All necessary people knowledgeable and engaged Strategic direction in silos, some identified targets, some form of measurement Some integrated systems part-managed or auto- mated , fit--for -purpose All necessary people knowledgeable, engaged directed and managed Fully integrated systems, designed to specification and fully fit-for -purpose Strategic direction, targets, planned measurement and response Source: Econsultancy
  25. 25. DIGITAL ROADMAP Source: CapGemini
  26. 26. Step 2. Define excellence for your business Identify gaps in knowledge Source: Econsultancy
  27. 27. Step 3. Map against competency frameworks Source: Econsultancy
  28. 28. Step 4. Understand that skills alone don’t achieve digital excellence Do you have access to the right tools and networks? Are the tools fit for purpose and have they been correctly installed? Digital marketing relies on agility, testing and the ability to fail. Senior management needs to have a real understanding of digital. Can your organisation execute? Skill are important, but are not the only piece of the puzzle. Skills Process Tools Culture Source: Econsultancy
  29. 29. Step 5. Ensure support staff have the skills to recruit and manage Cartoon by SocMedSean.comSource: Econsultancy
  30. 30. Step 6. Ensure Senior Executives understand the business environment needed
  31. 31. Source: Martin Sorrell, LinkedIn Don Draper Wouldn’t Recognise 75% of What We Do
  32. 32. Step 7. Digital marketing is digital business “Are you a digital business or a business that does digital?”
  33. 33. “Do something different” Step 8. Change isn’t easy… Do something different
  34. 34. DIGITAL ROADMAP Source: CapGemini Beware of the myths…
  35. 35. Digital Roadmap - People Digital Expertise Digital Education Senior Management Emersion Training on the Job Digital WIPs External Speakers
  36. 36. Digital Roadmap - Processes Digital & Mobile First Google Analytics (e-Commerce) DoubleClick (e-Commerce) Review Management System
  37. 37. Digital Roadmap - Technology Alipay Content Management System Responsive Design Review Management System Eat2Eat Google Indoor & StreetView Mobile Apps Cashless Wristband
  38. 38. John Sinke November 2012 DIGITAL BUSINESS?
  40. 40. @johnsinke Questions?