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Corner protecter ppt

polymer corner protecter

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Corner protecter ppt

  2. 2. WHAT WE HAD After testing our polymer, by leaving it out on a corner, in an open system, and to test how it would last. When we arrived we collected the sample, to find that it had become hard, and stopped serving its purpose, of being a child proof corner protector. age/cache/data/Protective%20 Packaging
  3. 3. HOW WE CHANGED THE POLYMER. After recognizing our problem, we made two solutions. Our first solution, was to sell the product, in higher quantities, so that users could switch our the protector, after it starts drying. Our second solution was switching some of the ingredients, but that was mainly for scent, as we took out cooking oil. We expect this to help with sales, as no body wants their table’s corners smelling bad.
  4. 4. WHAT WE HAVE NOW. Now we have a product that we could have only dreamed of producing at the beginning of the the project, as this product serves all the needs that are required for a corner protector. We can’t wait to start our advertisement!