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Project 2

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Project 2

  1. 1. Rapp from Birth<br />
  2. 2. Words from “Rapp from Birth” himself…<br />This album truly gets to that deepness of emotion, that feeling of loss, and just the desire for life to be good again. Events have happened in my life which totally changed my perspective. Mainly, the Corps of Cadets. I’ve heard of the college experience, and not even one of those great things I’ve heard of are possible through the corps. You’ll understand that feeling soon enough by they time you hit track 6.<br />What the people had to Say<br /><ul><li>Totally different style than last album “Summertime Chillin” – RockstarMag
  3. 3. Goes above and beyond anything else around today – America’s Music People
  4. 4. “This kept me motivated when it was time to do business” – George Bushes</li></li></ul><li>Big Surprise<br />What influenced me to write this song was day 1 of new cadet week. I showed up with hair and baggy jeans. Reality hit me really quick. I was expecting a huge welcome party for the superstar (myself) and all I received was a haircut and a whole squad of juniors yelling at me. I didn’t even have the right to move.<br />
  5. 5. BIG FLOW<br />TO<br />That first day sparked the motivation for “Big Flow to Zero.” They just went and took a man’s flow and…<br />ZERO<br />…turned it into zero.<br />
  6. 6. Mom a.k.a. Wow<br />The Corps<br />My Sponsor: Mary Ann Knitting Shop<br />Facebook<br />Thank You’s<br />English teachers around the world teaching people to express themselves<br />Jesus<br />BicLighters<br />Butters<br />Snuggies<br />Vlad from Mother Russia<br />
  7. 7. Big Surprise<br />Big Flow to Zero<br />5:00 Mornings<br />PT <br />The Big Bad Cadre<br />Staring at Walls<br />Red Phase<br />A Little Thing Called Sounding Off<br />TC 2-3<br />Uniforms<br />Where did my day go?<br />Shoe Polish<br />Indecisive<br />TheHitList<br />