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People@ trends 2016

9 key talent trends 2016

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People@ trends 2016

  1. 1. October 2015 9 KEY TALENT TRENDS 2016 People insights, quotes and some data that can help review your talent strategy in a connected world
  2. 2. Without the right people, don’t waste your time drafting a strategy and vision. They travel together. Strategy People a company 1
  3. 3. – Richard Branson, Founder Virgin Group – “You don’t build a business -YOU BUILD PEOPLE- and then people build the business” “If you run a business, put on top your employees, then your consumers, and then your shareholders” – Zig Ziglas, Author & Speaker – “Businesses don’t create value, people do!” – Dominic Bauton, Managing Director of McKinsey & Co. – “If your people are not thinking to grow your business 10x they are problably not innovating” – Peter Drasnanes, Co-founder Singularity University –– Steve Faktor, Workplace innovation expert – “Company culture is the single biggest reason a person suceeds in one company and fails in another” “Strategy without people is strategy without future” – Maree Conway, Strategic Futures Partitioner – a company 2
  4. 4. a company 3 Performance Culture + morale Quality assurance ExecutionVision Planning Dreaming Budgeting 1 Peopleneedtobeattheheartofstrategicplanningtoguaranteeasoundandeffectiveexecution People are for...Strategy is for...
  5. 5. expect to stay in a job less than 3 years Narcissistic I only think of myself Open to change Creative MILLENNIALS MILLENNIALS... (16-34) Confident Team player Money driven would rather spend money on an event over buying something will choose workplace flexibility over pay 27% 46% 80% 72% 66% 65% Young adults have different ways of working, getting motivated and seeking success2 91% 78% 45% Source: Upwork, “The 2015 millennial majority workforce report”, USA, Oct 2014. HR, “6 millennial retention strategies to adopt in 2015”, Jan 2015. GENERATION X (35-55) 20% 28% 34% 35% 73% 54% 54% have already started their own business or want to start one a company 4
  6. 6. Source: PSFK, “The Future of work”, 2013. Forbes - Entrepreneurs, 2013. Asasourceforhappinessandmoralenewgenerationsstronglycherishworkenvironment3 Open spaces with private locations Daylight + windowsModular environments Adecuate noise Temperature and ventilation Casual interactions and planned events Furniture layout Flex hours + casual dressing a company 5 9 out of 10people belive their workspace quality affects attitudes and increases productivity
  7. 7. Collectivetalentsourcing enablesfasterandcost-effectiveskillsaggregationforhigher productivityandperformance Largest freelancer marketplace • 8M projects launched • 17M global freelancers • Experts in 850 categories from +234 countries Community of creators solving brands’ challenges • Community of +320K from 166 countries • 94K ideas submitted in 843 contests • $6.5M USD awarded in prices Graphic design hub (logo, web) • Submit project and designers compete for it • 1M designers pool Biding platform of business experts solutions • +10K business experts • Top talent from MBA professionals • 99% avg. satisfaction rate Translations by native speakers worldwide • 15K native speakers in +140 countries • +35 languages • Tasks completed in an avg. 1 hour Contest in computing programing solutions • 865K members (developers, designers and data scientists) • $72Bn USD in awards to-date • Software and algorithm development problem solving 4 Source:;;;;; a company 6
  8. 8. Afullyconnectedworldandquickerinnovationcyclesaredemandinganewsetofcriticalskills. Somenewskillsonhighdemandare: 4 Make intelligent interpretations and true insights Operate in different cultural settings Deeply connect and stimulate reactions with others Source: Institute for the Future, 2015 Communicate and lead multidisciplinary teams remotely Use data tools to disseminate and filter for true insights Ability to tailored problem solving outside the box Reach and engage with audiences across networks Joint company and community value creation Translate vast data into useful reasoning Cognitive load management Sense making Trans disciplinary New media literacy Computational thinking Virtual collaboration Social intelligence Cross-cultural competency a company 7 Multifaceted problem solving with large scale collaboration Corporate shared value Adapting thinking
  9. 9. Most CEO´s are increasingly worried about finding talent with the right skills 46% 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 51% 56% 53% 58% 63% 73% 4 of CEO’s are concerned about availability of key skills Source: PwC, “18th Annual Global CEO Survey”, 2015. a company 8
  10. 10. Data driven decision-making agility Forward and innovation thinker Inspirational with clarity Adaptability / open to change Technology savy Risk taker Best people attraction capacity CEO 4 MostCEO´sandHRheadsrequireanewsetofskillstolead,motivate,monitoreandenhancevalue creation Strategic and analytical thinker Technology and talent platform savy Marketing and company positioning Extended workforce and skills management Culture and values developer Data and performance centric HR / People’s Director Source: PwC, CEO Insights, Aug 2015. Accenture 2015. a company 9
  11. 11. 5 Morethanever,fairpayandperksarekeytoalignemployeegoalswithcorporategrowth, productivityandlongtermvaluecreation Source: Accountemps, “Employee perks that work”, 2014 Subsidized gym membership On site perks (childcare, dry cleaning) Relocation of housing assistance Program for charitable contributions Flexible work hours/ telecommuting Mentoring programs Free or subsidized snacks or lunches Subsidized training or education 45% 14% 35% 33% 24% What do employees want? (% of affirmative answers) 19% 15% 15% a company 10
  12. 12. 5 Fairpaymentsystemsarekeytoaligncompanyandemployeegoalsongrowth,morale, productivityandlongtermviabilityofcompanies Company Goals • Revenue • EBITDA • Market share • Stakeholders value creation • Social impact Fair Pay Systems - Best practices Source: Accountemps, “Employee perks that work”, 2014. Employee Goals • Money in the bank • Great place to work • Sense of purpose • Career path • Long term net-worth • Doable goals • Bonus at plan a company 11 • Clear process • Stretch bonus
  13. 13. Source: Chronus, Mentoring and Talent Development Solutions, 2014. 6 Investing in your employees delivers higher productivity and retention rates 250%higher productivity if organizations apply development programs 25%increase of retention if employees are engaged in company-sponsored mentoring 7xemployee’s ROI from initial coaching investment 12
  14. 14. 7 Source: Cornerstone on Demand 2015. Forrester, “SaaS HR Management Systems”, Q4-2014. HRandTalentTechPlatformsarebecomingastrongcompetitiveadvantageandasourceof efficientandintegratedpeoplesupplychainmanagement Communication (bi-directional) Onboarding Recruiting Succession Permanent Learning Payment Performance Data Base a company 13
  15. 15. Companieswithastrongculturedeliverhighermarketcapanddirectbenefits8 Source: Deloitte, “Global human capital trends”, 2015. 16% of market cap premium on companies perceived to have effective leadership 95%of employees believe culture is more important than compensation Lower personnel rotation Higher employee productivity More innovation Clear career path Teamwork and cross fertilization Competitive salaries Clear and strong incentives (“if I can bring my dog I´ll charge less”) a company 14
  16. 16. Source: Inc., "Want HR to matter? start with the CEO", Oct 2015. 9 ThetalentleadershipshouldbeveryclosetotheCEO´sstrategyandheartinordertobuildatrue competitiveadvantage Where does your HR structure sit within your company? HR Finance Finance HR Legal HR No HR PEOPLE CEOCEOCEOCEOCEO 15
  17. 17. AtPeople@wehelpourclientsbecomeapeopleandtalentcentricorganizationwithwell definedservices OUTPLACEMENT MANAGEMENT ASSESSMENT EXECUTIVE SEARCH INDUSTRY MAPPING Structure assessment and recommendations. Personnel, leadership skills analysis. Process and systems mapping and strategic recommendations. People outplacement strategy. Individual couching. Outbound office services. Candidate profiling and optimal job design. Search, filtering, reference checking and assessments. Inbound process & training. People outplacement strategy. Individual couching. Outbound office services. a company 16
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