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Guess My Photo

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Guess My Photo

  1. 1. Math is everywhere you look
  2. 2. On the sidewalk…
  3. 3. In nature…
  4. 4. Even on the side of a building…
  5. 5. Math Photo of the Week Each week, one of the participating classes will find a photo similar to the one above. The class should think of a math concept that the photo demonstrates. They will then post the photo as a blog entry with a few clues and a link to another website with more information to help the other classes figure out what the concept is in the photo.
  6. 6. Math Photo of the Week It will then be up to the rest of the classes to do a little research to figure out what the concept is in the photo. When they think they have it figured out, they can post their answer as a comment to the post. The posting class is allowed to respond.
  7. 7. How to use the blog • Each class will be given a username and password to get into the blog to comment on the entries. • After the photo has been posted, students can use the comment link under the photo to ask questions and dialogue about the concept in the photo. (see an example of student comments on a blog entry) – Note: Students are not using IM, so comments should be in sentence form and be readable by teachers.
  8. 8. How to use the blog • Each class will prepare a short paragraph that gives a little information about the concept in the photo. At the end of the week, they will post the paragraph to the project blog. • Students can comment on the photo individually, however the final guess of each class should be in the form of a paragraph that is posted before Friday.
  9. 9. Project Goals • Students will learn to see mathematical concepts outside of the classroom, in the real world. • Students will use photo search engines to find photos or use a digital camera to take photos from their environment. • Using the comment link, students will dialogue about the concept in the photo.
  10. 10. Possible Concepts • We are an accelerated fifth grade math class (which means we cover sixth grade material), so the following concepts are appropriate: – Fractions, Decimals, Ratios, Percentages – Statistics, Probability, Graphs, Charts – Patterns, Functions, Algebra – Geometry: Symmetry, Similarity, Congruence, Properties of Shapes, etc. – Concepts not covered in the textbook: Symmetry in Nature, Golden Ratio & Mean, Fibonacci Sequence, Pascal’s Triangle, we love it all!
  11. 11. How to participate • Contact Jamie Tubbs at: tubbsj [at] • Please let me know the following: – Your name – Grade level – School’s Name – Contact Information – Your expectations, ideas, questions, or anything else important.
  12. 12. Photos in this Slideshow • I found them all on Flickr. All photos are protected by some form of the Creative Commons license.