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  2. 2. SUMARY 1. Definition 2. Types • General merchandising retailing • Food retailing • Non store Retailing 3. Issues in international retailing
  3. 3. DEFINITION  Retailing (according to Kotler): All activities involved in selling goods or services directly to final consumers for their personal, nonbusiness use.  Retailer : Business whose sales come primarily from retailing.
  4. 4. GENERAL MERCHANDISING RETAILING Retailers offering a narrow product line and wide assortment. Ex : FNAC (Music products) Zara (youth fashion) Specialty Stores Specialized Markets Markets that house stores specializing in a particular product category. Ex : Marché biologique des Batignolles Spice market in Istanbul
  5. 5. Offer a broad variety of goods and wide assortments. Ex : Department Stores General merchandise discount stores GENERAL MERCHANDISING RETAILING Sell high volumes of merchandise, charge lower prices and offer limited service. They are 2 types : All-purpose and Category specialists
  6. 6. Sell brand name and designer merchandise at bellow regular retail prices. Overruns, irregular products, previous seasons´products. Ex : La vallée village in France Offer high-turnover, brand name goods at discount prices. Off price retailers Catalog showrooms GENERAL MERCHANDISING RETAILING
  7. 7. Small residential retailers, open long hours and carry limited lines of higher-turnover necessities. Self-service retailers with annual sales higher than 2million€ and less than 20. 000 square feet of store space. Ex : Combination stores (food and drug). Hypermarkets combine supermarket, discount and warehouse retailing. Require members to pay or no and offer limited lines of brand name merchandise at a substantial discount. Ex : Convenience store Super centre/Hyper market FOOD RETAILING Convenience supermarket Warehouse clubs
  8. 8. Increasingly popular and extent of use from country to country. Interactive home shopping or electronic retailing, increase company diversification. Vending machines Internet retailing NON-STORE RETAILING Television home shopping A venue for selling merchandising to consumers in their homes using cable channels.
  9. 9. Venues for selling merchandise to consumers using catalog and other types of direct mail. Must be adapted to local market needs and practices. Is a salesperson, typically an independent distributor, contacts a consumer, demonstrates product use and benefits. Catalog retailing Direct selling NON-STORE RETAILING Network Marketing Is growing rapidly, especially in emerging markets.
  10. 10. ISSUES IN INTERNATIONAL RETAILING  Legislation and regulation  Taxation and cross border shopping  Consumer perspective variation  Salespeople and management