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Why Johnny Can't Syndicate

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Why Johnny Can't Syndicate

  1. 1. Intro Why Johnny Can’t Syndicate Jon Udell University of Michigan School of Information January 18, 2013 (And What We Can Do About It)
  2. 2. Why Johnny Can’t Read
  3. 3. Why Johnny Can’t Encrypt
  4. 4. If an average user of email feels the need for privacy and authentication, and acquires PGP with that purpose in mind, will PGP's current design allow that person to realize what needs to be done, figure out how to do it, and avoid dangerous errors, without becoming so frustrated that he or she decides to give up on using PGP after all? Whitten and Tygar “derived the following question on which to focus our evaluation: “ An average user of email acquired PGP? In what alternate universe did that happen?
  5. 5. Phil Libin "The basics of asymmetric cryptography are fundamental concepts that any member of society who wants to understand how the world works, or could work, needs to understand. They are as fundamental as the basics of supply and demand and monetary inflation."
  6. 6. Jeannette Wing “Computational thinking is thinking recursively … using abstraction and decomposition … separation of concerns … choosing appropriate representations … modularizing … “
  7. 7. Mark Surman
  8. 8. Event posters in Keene
  9. 9. Ann Arbor Chronicle
  10. 10.
  11. 11. A2Cal today all Today in Ann Arbor
  12. 12. How not: AnnArbor.comThe “Submit Your Event” dilemma
  13. 13. Or: A2Y Chamber The “Submit Your Event” dilemma
  14. 14. Or: The “Submit Your Event” dilemma
  15. 15. A2 Gov Web Page
  16. 16. Leslie Science Web Page
  17. 17. Leslie Science on Facebook
  18. 18. Leslie Science on NatureFind
  19. 19. A2 Gov Legistar
  20. 20. The long tail of the iCalendar ecosystem Google Calendar Kennedy Space Center Launches by Chad University of Michigan Museum of Art Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  21. 21. RSS/Atom Validator
  22. 22. iCalendar Validator
  23. 23. A3 Arts
  24. 24. “We posted weekly.pdf to the website. Isn’t that good enough?”
  25. 25. Ann Arbor’s Public Schools
  26. 26. Slauson Middle Organizing feeds into categories
  27. 27. The HTML/PDF/RSS fallacy How humans represent calendar events: “Why Johnny Can’t Syndicate, Jon Udell, Ehrlicher Room, 3100 North Quad, Jan 18 at noon” How computers represent calendar events: DTSTART;TZID=EST;20130118T120000 SUMMARY:Jon Udell: Why Johnny Can’t Syndicate LOCATION:Ehrlicher Room, 3100 North Quad HTML, PDF, RSS iCalendar
  28. 28. Seven ways to think like the web
  29. 29. music health sports environment tech Community Arts and Culture Hub art business music art Community Tech and Business Hub tech business State Hub A: Arts and Culture Ann Arbor music Ann Arbor art Detroit music Grand Rapids art … State Hub B: Tech and Business Ann Arbor tech Ann Arbor business Detroit tech Lansing business … … … Bi g pi ct u r e
  30. 30. Maker Works
  31. 31. Retiring to Ann Arbor
  32. 32.
  33. 33.
  34. 34.
  35. 35. WestStDamKeene as a topic /topic/?q=weststdamkeene
  36. 36. WestStDamKeene as a search term weststdamkeene weststdamkeene
  37. 37. Insurers and providers
  38. 38. Fini