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TTY-tutuksi -seminaari: Introduction to Weak ties

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Introduction to Academy of Finland project on weak ties

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TTY-tutuksi -seminaari: Introduction to Weak ties

  1. 1. Voiko heikkoja sosiaalisia linkkejä vahvistaa koneälyn avulla? COBWEB-hanke Suomen Akatemian ICT 2023 -ohjelma @jnkka #weakties Yhteistyössä: NOVI, IHTE ja IISLab
  2. 2. 08.02.16 2
  3. 3. 08.02.16 3 Milgram (1967): six degrees of separation, small-world networks Granovetter (1973): weak ties are a key source of competitive advantage Burt (1992): Structural holes Newman (2001): researcher networks are small-worlds Pentland (2015): collaboration structure is key predictor of performance; weak ties are vital in breaking echo chambers How to facilitate the emergence of weak ties to support knowledge work productivity and innovation?
  4. 4. Use case example “The system forms an extensive profile of John’s interests and skills (keyword analysis) and his social networks (social network analysis), based on various open data online. “Hah, this is like Tinder for professionals, interesting!” he laughs.” “Third, Jin is a recently graduated graphic designer with an interest in learning Finnish.” “Next week in a open event with 200+ participants, John receives a notification that also Jin happens to be there. He decides to grab the opportunity on the go.” 08.02.16 4 “Technically trivial, impossible in practice”
  5. 5. Action Design Research • Ethnographic etc. research on user requirements: privacy, ethics, control mechanics of measuring humans, … • Collect knowledge worker profiles, e.g. publications and social media streams for researchers • Algorithms for calculating the similarity between the profiles and the ”structural distance” • Mapping existing networks structure, i.e. strong ties to avoid "rematching” • Visualizations and other means to present and recommend matches and recommendations • …in collaboration with selected stakeholder organizations 08.02.16 5
  6. 6. Join the discussion! PIs:,, #weakties @jnkka, @jjussila, … 08.02.16 6
  7. 7. Join the discussion! PIs:,, #weakties @jnkka, @jjussila, … 08.02.16 6