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Printech CheckPlusCFO Partner Program

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Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions presents multiple partner opportunities. We specialize in custom software for secure payment processing. This includes check payments and ACH / EFT electronic payments. In addition, we offer blank secure check paper with multiple security features, MICR toners, MICR printers, folder sealer machines and more.

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Printech CheckPlusCFO Partner Program

  1. 1.  CheckPlusCFO software automates Accounts Receivable operations  CheckplusCFO integrates with existing ERP or accounting system  Import data from multiple sources to issue checks and ACH/ EFT from one application  Process payments from multiple locations  Issue payments from multiple accounts using one single payment file  Use multiple currencies
  2. 2. • Automated check printing - system can detect a new payment file • Manual check module - input data manually • Void check • Re-print check – admin function • Business rules - access application and certain components • Visual Sign – approve checks for signing using business rules • Payment Reconciliation • Signature Control – who can sign / amount limit / by account • Positive Pay feature • Audit log • Security and reporting
  3. 3. Import file placed in a shared folder/partition Data retrieved from database using .NET provider Import file delivered to CheckPlus computer via FTP CheckPlus Machine MICR printer. One or more layouts MICR / non-MICR, one or more layouts, non-negotiable copies Export files (to feedback the back end) and/or image repository (PDF, tiff) Administrator: User set- up, printers etc. Users: Privileged operators
  4. 4. Printech provides All-in-One Solution to process payments:  CheckPlusCFO software customized for your organization  Secure MICR Printers  MICR Toners  Blank Check Stock with multiple security features  Folder Sealer equipment
  5. 5. 2 6 5 7 8 1 3 9 4 1. MICR Line printed on demand 2. Secure Logo printed on demand 3. Secure Symbol and text 4. “Over-print” 5. Reverse Secure font 6. Electronic Signature 7. Dynamic number 8. MICR Line 9. “VOID” –Pantograph in copy mode 10. Chemical Reactivity 11. Secure Watermark 12. Microprinting
  6. 6.  Sample of data import files – generate from accounting software  Description of data file layout – mapping  Example of check format  Overflow specifications  Positive pay file format details – request from your bank  ACH file format – request from you bank  Business rules to use in application  Signatures, logos to be digitized  New check form design
  7. 7. Banking Insurance OtherGovernment
  8. 8. Our Business Partners: • Distributors • Resellers • Integrators • Technology Consultants Cover USA, Canada and Caribbean Join our Team to bring CheckPlusCFO solution, blank check stock and hardware to companies around the world. Automation – Efficiency - Growth Multiple Rewards and Benefits
  9. 9. Support Automation – Efficiency - Growth Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions 3541 NW 115 Avenue, Doral, FL 33178 (866) 592.2838 / (305) 592.2838 Email: