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Painting the future presntation

  1. 1. Painting the Future Virtual Elementary Art Lessons brought to you by Coffee High School Project Proposal by Julie Lord CHS Visual Arts Teacher University of Florida Masters of Art Education
  2. 2. The population of the city of Douglas is 11,589 The Population of Coffee County is 48,708 We have 8 elementary schools without any art education.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Coffee High School art students would develop the curricula to teach the different grade levels for the elementary students. The technology class would video tape the high school students demonstrating a art lesson.
  5. 5. The teachers at each elementary school will be able to watch the video with their class and then create their own artwork.
  6. 6. Fundraising for Art Supplies • Art Club will do Face painting at Football games • Art Auction before the Spring Theater Production

Notas del editor

  • In my community of Douglas, Georgia, art education has not been taught in our elementary schools for many years.
  • Students don't get a chance to take an art class until they get to middle school and some don’t get the opportunity until they get to the high school.
  • In my Art in Alternative Settings class through the University of Florida masters of Art Education program, I researched teaching art online. I found the website, the Virtual Instructor.comIt is a website devoted to art ----- The mission of the virtual instructor is to provide the highest quality online art instruction available and make it affordable so that anyone can learn the joy of creating art. All lessons are taught by Matt Fussell, a nationally certified art educator.
  • The site offers video demonstrations, lesson plans for teachers, power points, vocabulary and even art history references. All of the lessons are for middle school and high school age students, and the video demonstrations are for beginning artists as well as more advanced artists that want to learn a new skill or technique
  • The virtual instructor website also offers LIVE sessions every week. Here you can follow along step by step with the instructor and create your own artwork!
  • Everything you need to learn about creating art is right at your fingertips!I began to wonder if there were other sites out there, like this one, but geared toward a younger audience.
  • I found a few kids art courses online such as Thrive art . Com This website offers kids art classes taught by a certified art teacher.
  • Their classes are for kids age 6 – 12., and offer beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons. The projects seem exciting and fun. Their website says that their students develop creativity and confidence, the only drawback is…..They charge $99 for 6 lessons.
  • …they charge $99 for 6 lessons.
  • I believe that children in Coffee County need to be offered art in school. My proposal is to offer Virtual Art Lessons for our 8 local elementary schools.
  • -I would meet with some local elementary teachers and discuss ideas.
  • Then, my advanced students at Coffee High Art would develop lesson plans based on the Georgia State Standards and the needs of our kids.
  • Students will demonstrate a project, taking the younger kids through how to create the art work step by step.
  • Coffee High’s technology students would video tape the lessons for us.
  • The different elementary teachers can watch the videos with their classes, and then help the students create the art work.
  • The teachers will have choices of lessons to choose from, depending on grade level and curriculum
  • . Information will be available for the teachers to plan what materials they will need and activities they can do with their students to help prepare for the lesson.
  • The costs involved would be minimal, money will only be needed to buy the art supplies for each school.
  • The result would be for every elementary school in our county to be able to enjoy and participate the process of creating art!
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