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Ace resilient communities workshop

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Ace resilient communities workshop

  1. 1. Timeplace Co-producing community
  2. 2. The time credits model
  3. 3. introductions Spice are a social enterprise working across the UK to deliver time credit programmes in partnership with host organisations. ACE are a local development trust operating in the Ely, Caerau and Fairwater areas of Cardiff. ACE work with Spice to host the Timeplace project.
  4. 4. Asset mapping What have we already got?
  5. 5. Development-figures Summer 2012 22 groups 57 members 3871 hours donated Summer 2013 56 groups 407 members 16,188 hours donated Summer 2014 90 groups 1000+ members 35,000+ hours donated
  6. 6. Development-what we did Easy access earn opportunities Network events (brochure planning) Develop spend network Provide training and development opportunities Community spend-bringing individuals together Community ambassadors Timeplace steering group Tackle community issues
  7. 7. Community Pride Partnership-council, Keep Wales Tidy, Police, ACE 203 bags of rubbish collected, several beds, fridges and a canoe! Over 200 volunteers and 40 community groups involved
  8. 8. Health and NHS co-production • We asked people to come and talk about health, we shared what they said. • We asked who wanted to influence health services and ran a project with the NHS to co-design a new service. • We are featured in the Health Ministers Prudent health care report.
  9. 9. The sharing economy 92% are contributing more time to the community 87% have shared skills to benefit others 79% felt they are more able to influence what their community is like 74% said when they have a problem they feel more able to talk to people in the community about it
  10. 10. What it’s doing for people 86% of people said they had made new friends 73% said they could afford to do more things 72% said they visited or saw people more often 70% said they felt more confident 73% felt more positive about their future 44% said they felt healthier 38% said they could live more independently 34% said they had less need to visit the doctor as often 26% said they had less need for social care services
  11. 11. Kim’s Story • Lived in Ely for 10 years but didn’t engage in the community until 3-4 years ago-struggled with addiction • Son started bringing credits home from school • Kim first earned by litter picking activities at a local park • Spent first credits on a 3 day family holiday to a local farm • Starting volunteering in a range of other groups and activities and got to know lots of new people • Peer counselling, food & nutrition, child protection, sports leadership, community engagement courses • Timeplace steering group, ACE board member, Citizens UK, ACE assistant development officer.
  12. 12. What it’s doing for ACE 88% said they knew people in their community better 87% have taken on new challenges 86% spend more time with others in the community 85% have taken part in more community activities 83% knew more about services available to them 67% have more trust in their local community 69% now want to do things they didn’t want to do before
  13. 13. What it’s doing for the community Timeplace helps bring people together. People form solutions to community issues. People are the heart of our community. People power change.
  14. 14. Whats next Time credit Cardiff Working across key themes Interested?
  15. 15. © This material is owned by Spice and may not be copied or altered without permission.