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Anotated bibliography

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Anotated Bibliography

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Anotated bibliography

  1. 1. Vergato 1 Joe Vergato Rebecca Agosta UWRT 1103-007 7 November 2014 Annotated Bibliography What is required of a discourse community? Swales, John. ''The Concept of Discourse Community." Genre Analysis: English in Academic and Research Settings. Boston: Cambridge UP, 1990.21-32. Print Swales was the first piece of literature that our class read about discourse communities. In this article Swales discussed what discourse communities were and the six things you need to be a part of one. The first way was to share common goals. A discourse community all share a common predominate goal. The next is discourse communities have intercommunication. This means each discourse community have a different way of communicating. Next there is participation, in order to be in a discourse community you have to participate in its events. The fourth necessary thing to be in a discourse community is genres. A discourse community will naturally break up into smaller groups. Lexis is also necessary to be in a discourse community. This is the special vocabulary used in every different discourse community. Lastly you need expertise in discourse community. There are different levels of skill in every discourse community. Swales article was the driving factor behind my research. When picking YouTube fitness channels as my discourse community I made sure that each of the six necessary
  2. 2. Vergato 2 characteristics of a discourse community applied. For example in the YouTube fitness community each YouTuber has their own expertise about fitness, specifically lifting weight. Some YouTubers are experts in body building while others are experts in power lifting. Within the YouTube community Swales fourth way of being in a discourse community come into light. This is genres and when a community breaks into smaller groups. This happens when some of the different YouTubeers get together and collaborate to make one video. They are making smaller groups out of the lager discourse community. How does this directly relate to a YouTuber? What makes your YouTube channel unique from all the others? Chewning, Maxx. Who is Maxx Chewning YouTube. August 2014 From this interview Maxx, the interviewed YouTube fitness channel runner, stated that he has expertise in power lifting and uses that expertise to help other power lifters that are not as advanced as him. He uses the YouTube discourse community as a way to interact with subscribers and other YouTubers. I learned different lexis used within his discourse community and why he chose to have a YouTube channel. I learned a lot about his personal goals and plans for his future. He is driven by the death of his father and looks to use the YouTube community to continue his legacy by making a brand in his honor. This interview helped me answer a lot of the questions I had about fitness YouTube communities. I learned why Maxx has his channel, what his goals are, and how he is unique from all the other YouTubers. Maxx has his channel purely to help and inspire
  3. 3. Vergato 3 other people who want to powerlift like he does. He is unique in the fact that he is very personable and open about his life. He plans to continue his channel in the hope it will continue to grow in order to keep helping the most amount of people. How are other people effected by the YouTube fitness community? Are there fans of these YouTuber’s following their discourse community? gym, UNCC. Observation Joe Vergato. 2014. To find the answer to this question I went to the only place I would expect people to know these YouTubers, the gym. Previously in the gym I have seen people wearing these YouTuber’s costum t-shirts that they sell online. I also had conversations with some of the people there and they told me that they also use these YouTuber’s online training programs to help them with their training. This answered my question about the fans of the YouTube discourse communites. There were plenty of fans out there that supported these YouTubers. Bust most importantly this told me that the common goal of the YouTubers (Swales number 1) of helping others in their lifting journey is actually paying off. Many people are actively watching these YouTubers online and participating in that discourse community. Are the Youtubers really helping that many people? What do the YouTubers do to continuously help the followers of their channels?
  4. 4. Vergato 4 Candito, Johnny. Canditio Training HQ. n.d. November 2014 This is a YouTubers personally website that they use in order to communicate with other member of the discourse community (Swales number 2). This website has personal information of the YouTuber as well as tips and training programs This taught me that the YouTubers do not just communicate using YouTube. They also communicate using things like personal websites. Also it reinforces the common goal of the YouTuber discourse community of helping people since there are tips and training programs.