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iData Sciences Product Overview

  1. iData Sciences Data Capture, Analytics & Optimization Enabling customers to harvest & analyze data for actionable intelligence Redefining Decision Intelligence
  2. iData Sciences is an Information Technology Company Providing Software Solutions to Customers Accelerated through the use of Innovative Technology in the area of Data Capture & Image Recognition Head Quartered in NJ, USA Offshore Delivery Center in Chennai, India 2 Company Overview
  3.  To help Customers Improve Process Efficiency through the use of innovative Software Solutions  To help Customers Improve Productivity in the area of Data Capture by  Reducing Average Handling Time  Reducing Average Cost of Handling and  Improving Accuracy of Capture  To be regarded amongst the most Innovative Providers of Imaging & Recognition Technology to global enterprises 3 Vision
  4. Data is Everywhere !!! Invoices, Bank & Financial Statements, Legal Documents, Regulatory Filings, Bank Checks, Application Forms Prescriptions, Medical Bills, Insurance Claims Retail Coupons, Product Catalogues, Travel Vouchers Structured; Unstructured; Textual; Non-Textual Capturing & Analyzing this data provide Organizations with Valuable Insights leading to Actionable Intelligence 4 Context
  5. Data Capture Processes  Limited automation specific only to textual data capture  Limited scalability due to high dependency on manual human labour  Time consuming with lower accuracy of data  Inability to extract data from large files  Increased total cost of ownership (TCO) Data Recognition  Non-textual data capture is still nascent and is predominantly manual  Challenges to detect and recognize data from videos  Large and complex volume of data  Tagging of imagesvideo is highly manual and labor intensive Current Challenges
  6. 6 Typical Data Flow Sourcing FTP Email Web Crawlers Data Feeds Extraction Text Images Processing Normalization Validation Tagging Consumption Business Applications Analytics
  7.  Unlike OCR which capture only text from pre-defined zones, iData widens the definition of data to capture both text and images, independent of zones  Human like visual cognition in extraction of data  Self learning engine (expert system)  Can work on both structured & unstructured data, printed & hand written  Making it a powerful alternative to existing OCR technology  Can work on static images and video  Analytics based on disruptive pattern based techniques (Content Based Object Retrieval)  Highly scalable & performant How Are We Different? 7
  8. 8 iData Technology Framework iDataFramework Data Capture Engine Data Analytics Recognition Expert System Optimization Engine
  9. 9 Data Capture • Exceptions Listing • Formatting Rules • Dependency Rule • Look Up from DB • Duplication Check • Reconciliation • Build Audit Trail Export: XML, Excel, CSV, Text, Database Porting: ERP: SAP, MS Dynamics Database: Oracle, MS SQL, My SQL Self Learning: Builds Knowledge Base PatternRecognition BusinessRules KnowledgeBase Images: Forms, Invoices, Documents, Other Images Image Repository Porting to Business Process Extract Validate Extract: Data, Objects & Features Specific Business Rules Defined at the Time of Extraction Extraction from Structured, and Un- Structured documents/forms Typewritten, Printed, (*Multi-Lingual data) Image Objects Capital Handwritten in boxes (non-cursive) data from Structured forms. Editable Clean Data Digital Image Repository Physical Document Scanned
  10. 10 Data Capture Samples
  11. Actionable Intelligence to Enterprises  Predictive Analytics  Trend Analysis and Inflection Points  Risk Analysis  Real time & highly performant Analytics  Advance Technology in Image Analytics using disruptive pattern based techniques 11 Data Analytics
  12.  Facial Recognition  Object Recognition  Logo / Brand Recognition  Static & Automated Tagging  Voice based identification and elastic search 12 Recognition Expert System
  13. One Framework, Multiple use-cases  Logo detection  Image classification based on objects in Image  Recognize and analyze items in photos and video  Recognize a face from an image or a video and bring all correlated information from the reference database.  Identify part numbers from visual characteristics  Identify and count inventory on display  Recognize patterns and distinguish objects  Recognize objects and quantify their characteristics  Find Objects of interest in a scene  Recognize the content in video and photos to generate metadata and taxonomy automatically 13 Recognition Expert System
  14.  Achieves compression ratios of 8:1 times without compromising on visual quality  Accepts multiple formats (DCM, J2K, JPEG ,PNG, PDF, TIFF, AVI, WMV, MPEG2 MPEG4, H.64 etc..)  Input attributes metadata are retained in output - format , scale , dimension , resolution, quality etc…  Automated Image edit features – resize, crop, smoothen, content filtering, meta data edit  Options to choose Lossy / Lossless optimization  ROLLBACK option to regenerate original un-optimized file 14 Image & Video Optimization iData Engine Optimization, Format Standardization, Quality Checks, Data Extraction Image Video with LARGE file size DCM, J2K, JPEG, PNG, PDF, TIFF AVI, WMV, MPEG2 MPEG4, H.64 Image Video with SMALL file size DCM, J2K, JPEG, PNG, PDF, TIFF, AVI, WMV, MPEG2 MPEG4, H.64 • No visual quality loss • No metadata loss • Data capture for analysis
  15. •Credit Card Application / Loan Origination / Know Your Customer (KYC) Modules – Retrieves hand-written or printed data from Application Forms including Name, Address, Gender, Employment Details, etc. and validates based on business rules. •Legal Documents Module – Retrieves data fields from a Legal Contract including Title, Legal Entities, Execution Date etc. •Bank & Financial Statements Module – Retrieves Customer Name, Account Number, Financial Institution Name, Address, Ledger Line Item Details etc. Banking Finance Insurance •Drawing Identification Module – Automatically identify the type of plan / drawing and recognize the discipline namely Electrical, Architectural, Plumbing etc. •Page Title Finder Module – Auto Detect and recognize the title and page reference •Factor & Shape Finder – Identify and recognize details of Architects, Engineers; Recognize the shape and verify compliance •Spec Finder – Capture all specifications automatically Engineering Data Analytics •Image/Video Tagging – Automates the tagging of images & video with all relevant data from a video or image thereby enriching the search capabilities. •Product Identification – Create a non-intrusive ‘shoppable’ experience embedded into video assets. iData captures the pixel coordinates for every object and brand identified to create a ‘clickable’ mode •Archiving / Search – Analyze video, make correlations among videos, translate all screen on text, search for specific things or people, compare, reference, and develop knowledgebase Media 15 iData Solution Accelerators
  16. •Digital Content Creation Module – To automate the creation of device independent digital content (Epub) from image Pdf’s. Built-in mapping for automated transformation of XML/DHTML/HTML to various e-book formats. •Image Tagging Module – For automatic tagging of images. •Digital Rights Management Module – Build finger prints (fractal prints) in the image/document for protecting original content •Elastic Search Module - Powerful elastic text search module to search content in non-linear mode Publishing •Medical Image Optimization Module - Reduces the file size of medical images without any loss of meta data or visual quality. •Prescription Processing Module - Retrieves relevant information from a prescription including Doctor's information, Code, Patient Information, Drug, Dosage etc. •Explanation of Benefits Module - Retrieves all relevant benefits information. Healthcare •Invoice & Order Processing Module – Retrieves data fields such as Invoice Number, Date, PO Number, Vendor Name, Invoice Amount, Tax etc. and validates based on business rules. •Forms Processing Module – Retrieves relevant data fields from any printed or handwritten form with is either structure or unstructured and validates based on business rules. •Automatic Feature Extraction Module – Retrieve data from Advertisement Flyers and Coupons. Fact Coding, UPC Coding & Product coding. Business Process Outsourcing 16 iData Solution Accelerators
  17. 17 Key Customers Media Company In US
  18. 18 Contact Us
  19. Case Studies
  20. Domain Profile  World's leading US based Retail Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour Intelligence Company  Voluminous processing of unstructured retail image coupons for data, image feature extraction and data analytics Challenges  Transmit approx. 18,000 images everyday to India from the US (one Frame = 30 images at 5.94 MB per frame) on 40 MBPS bandwidth; processing and rendering large image files at high volumes.  Process involved manual cropping of images and data entry (Fact coding and UPC coding) into a specified file format with data fields in a database  Lower per person productivity: Approx. 240 Images/8 Hours. Solution & Results  Through MapOptis, productivity levels propelled to 40,000 Images/Hour using MapOptis optimisation  Extraction productivity went to 5000 images per two hours  Process went from 100 Image analysts producing 18000 images/day to 15 QA resources producing 100,000 images in 8 Hours.  Team size reduced to only 15 resources, performing Quality Analysis & Checks  Storage requirements reduced by 60%  Accuracy levels consistently over 95% on auto mode.  Operational and man power cost savings at 60% 20 Case Study 1 Coupons & Flyers Extraction
  21. 21 Case Study 1 Coupons & Flyers Extraction
  22. Domain Profile  A leading US based invoice processing company that works with world’s foremost Retail Chains  Voluminous processing of structured and unstructured invoices, with data manually being captured Challenges  Handling 4500 scanned invoices pages with multiple line items.  Double Data Entry for accuracy.  Productivity – 90 images/8 hours  Team size of 120 Solution & Results  MapOptis achieved productivity speeds of 4500 images per two hours. Provided Unlimited Volume Scaling and immediate increase in volume of business.  Team size reduced to only 5 resources, performing Quality Analysis & Checks  Accuracy levels consistently at 99.95%  60% savings in operational and man power costs 22 Case Study 2 Invoice Data Extraction
  23. 23 Case Study 2 Invoice Data Extraction
  24. Domain Profile  A leading Mobile Telecommunications Service Provider  Voluminous processing of hand written structured application forms.  Data was manually captured Challenges  To automatically extract different types of data.  Accurately, without loss of image quality or data accuracy and with less manual processing and dependencies Solution & Results  MapOptis Extracted, optimized and stored all types of form data such as text, signature, photo & attachments with 95% extraction and validation accuracy that progressively improved to 98%  Churned an unprecedented 80% turn around time  Saving overall operational costs by 65% 24 Case Study 3 Handwritten Forms
  25. 25 Case Study 3 Handwritten Forms MapOptis takes 10 seconds Extracted Data with photo , signature can be ported to any data base Handwritten Form Manual Data Entry takes Approximately 4 minutes per form
  26. 26 Case Study 4 Handwritten Forms
  27. 27 Case Study 5 Medical Image Optimization • Dimension, Format, Resolution and quality are retained in the output file • Above sample image being viewed using 3rdParty Image Viewer (Santa Fe) Original Image Image Type: DCM Image Size 7.19 Mb Optimized Image Image Type: DCM Image Size 1.83 Mb
  28. 28 Case Study 5 Answer Script Evaluation