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How We Do It in Brazil #SxSW2012

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How We Do It in Brazil #SxSW2012

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Deck for the SxSW 2012 panel "How we do it in Brazil: a survival guide in an exotic digital market". Presented by Alexandre Kavinski, Cristiano Dias, Patrice Lamiral and Willie Taminato.

Deck for the SxSW 2012 panel "How we do it in Brazil: a survival guide in an exotic digital market". Presented by Alexandre Kavinski, Cristiano Dias, Patrice Lamiral and Willie Taminato.


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How We Do It in Brazil #SxSW2012

  1. How we do it in Brazil a survival guide in an exotic digital market
  2. #gobrazil Share! @crisdias @kavinski @plamiral @williet
  3. DOs and DON’Ts You should know about Brazil
  4. DON’T Say bad things about Brazil (unless you’re one of us)
  5. DON’T Put Brazil in the “Latin America” box 36% of all unique visitors in Latam are from Brazil 45% are Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Chile together
  6. DO Think of Brazil as a country of social inequality
  7. DO Embrace the different and diverse cultures
  8. We are different... ...even in the same country
  9. DO Recognize that most of the money is in the South/Southeast
  10. DO Know that internet usage is growing
  11. DO Forget the cyber-cafe hype. Everyone is going mobile.
  12. DO Forget the cyber-cafe hype. Everyone is sers going mobile. ion intern et u 30 mil evi ces re t han mobile d Mo f rom
  13. DO Take advantage of the fact that Brazil quickly embraces technological breakthroughs
  14. DON’T Assume Brazilian parents are worried about how much time their kids spend online
  15. DO Expect to have the government as your partner
  16. DO Expect to have the government as your ship relation partner hap py w ith the won’t be ybe you Bu t ma
  17. From 01/01/2012 until 08/03/2012
  18. Brazilians’ Big Mac is the second most expensive in the world   Ipad in Brazil is the most expensive in the world  Mobile phone - the fourth most expensive in a ranking of 161 contries (ONU) Mobile Internet – among 78 emerging countries the ‘voice data packet’ in Brazil is the most expensive Rio de Janeiro ranks sixth as having the most expensives hotels in the world, ahead of cities like Paris and London.
  19. DO Learn about weird and local seasonalities
  20. Father’s day is in August Valentine’s day is in June There’s no snow in Christmas
  21. DON’T Miss the orkut x Facebook fight
  22. DO Prepare to be ORKUTIZATED!
  23. “Alright, after getting to level 20 on my rogue, I created a huge list of characters on Bleeding Hollow (Ally) and Warsong (Horde). (...)Then I started to go on Warsong more, and I discovered that it is one of THE WORST servers ever. About 80% of its population is Brazilian, which, usually, I'd have nothing wrong with (although I hate their waxes...). But none of them speak English. At all. Trade chat is all in Portuguese, and Barrens chat is.....well, filled with more Brazilians. I want to stab myself brutally in the eyes for creating a character there.” “Yeah Warsong is pretty horrible now, it used to be a really good server a long time ago.” WoW forum
  24. DO Learn that Brazilians love to use social networks to complain about brands
  25. Source: Miti Inteligência - As empresas mais reclamadas de 2011 (jan/2012)
  26. DON’T Buy from media bureaus
  27. DON’T Underestimate the power of web portals
  28. Traffic share for the top 8 domains 78% 33% * jan 2010
  29. DON’T Expect to use all the social media power right now
  30. d br ands estricte for r In july, the beta will be closed for our ta t est market Be al B illing rnation Inte Forecast for a brazilian office in april. Right now, we pay almost 50% of taxes to run Facebook Ads. age ncy e to one Exc lusiv
  31. Source: Social Bakers
  32. DO Talk to bloggers to make engaging niche social campaigns
  33. DO Be creative! Every pixel and every person is a media opportunity.
  34. DON’T Use Google Translate to write in Portuguese. Seriously, don’t.
  35. New MacBook Air Notebook - Thin and light. Yet rock solid. The ultimate everyday notebook. Novo MacBook Air Notebook - Fino e leve. No entanto, rocha sólida. O notebook final todos os dias. New MacBook Air Notebook - Thin and light. However, solid rock. The final notebook every day. New MacBook Air Notebook - Thin and light. However rock solid. The notebook end of each day. New MacBook Air Notebook - Thin and light. However solid rock. The end portable each day.
  36. Pic from a Brazilian restaurant... “PORK RIBS WITH BARBIE KILL SAUCE”
  37. DO Localize your copywrite
  38. Writing the Results Colombia / Mexico: “para ti” = 5,60% CTR Tonos para tu celular “para vos”= 2,50% CTR COLOMBIA Baja tonos polifónicos exclusivos MEXICO creados por Motorola para ti. tonos X X ringtones Ringtones para tu celular ARGENTINA Baja ringtones exclusivos Argentina/Uruguay: URUGUAY creados por Motorola para vos. “para ti” = 4,50% CTR “para vos”= 6,20% CTR
  39. DO Prepare for monopoly in search
  40. CTR success BR – Februry 2012 (Hitwise)
  41. DON’T Consider Bing’s share of search as a threat to Google
  42. BING TOP 10 KEYWORDS: 1. Google 2.Orkut 3.Facebook 4.Hotmail 5. UOL [portal] 6. YouTube 7. Yahoo 8. Gmail 9. MSN 10.Jogos (games) Top ten searched keywords on Bing BR - March 2012 (Hitwise)
  43. DO Expect less competition in Sponsored Links
  44. Hotel US$ 1.12 X US$ 3.96 Hotel Carro US$ 0.63 X US$ 2.98 Car Laptop US$ 1.80 X US$ 2.26 Laptop Advogado US$ 0.52 X US$ 2.18 Lawyer Mesothelimoa US$ 99.44
  45. DON’T Take for granted that Google organic results algorithm works the same in Brazil.
  46. PANDA BR X US  'Low quality' and 'thin content' websites were targeted by Google Google Panda Update 1.0: US: February 24th 2011 BR: August 2011 % of sites affected: US: ~12% BR: ~2%
  47. DON’T Take for granted that keyword tools and SEO tools data is accurate for Brazil.
  48. DO Consider that the Google lexicon for Brazil still have it’s pitfalls
  49. Keyword = restaurant
  50. DON’T Consider that Brazilians have the same history of experience buying remotely.
  51. In 2009 49% of the internet In 2004 49% of the internet users in Brazil researched users in the US researched online before buying at the online before buying at the store store (Estudo Neoconsumidor (Pew Online Product Research 2004) GS&MD – Gouvêa de Souza - 2009) In September 2010 58% of the In 2011 84% of the internet internet users in the US users in Brazil researched researched online before buying online before buying at the at the store store (2º Estudo Neoconsumidor (Pew Online Produt Research Sep 2010) GS&MD – Gouvêa de Souza - 2011)
  52. DON’T Take Brazilians too seriously. We don’t.
  53. DO Come to Brazil!
  54. DO Ask your questions! @crisdias | @kavinski | @plamiral | @williet