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WHAT IT MEANS (cont’d.)Society has Play as a Competitive Advantage (July 2012)

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WHAT IT MEANS (cont’d.)Society has become so automated and Play isn’t just for children. The idearesults-oriented that most of us don’t of play is closely related tohave the time or inclination to take imagination, inventiveness, and thatforays outside the structured framework. deep sense of absorption. … Read virtually anyBut in a quickly changing world, people account of creativity, in the humanities or the sciences, and you’ll find mentions of thewho aren’t afraid to rewrite the rules or relevance of daydreaming, fooling around withrethink the status quo are those who get possibilities…. The argument here isn’t just thata head. Explains Allison Arden: “When we need to let little kids play so they’ll beyou go through the shorthand of creating creative when they’re older, but that play, orthings based on what other people have something quite close to it, should be a part ofdone, you oftentimes miss the a teenager’s or adult’s life, too.”opportunity or lose the recognition ofwhat you have the capability of doingyourself.” —ALFIE KOHN, author and lecturer, “The Point of Play Is That It Has No Point,” Big Think, Dec. 3, 2011