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WHAT WELL COVERMethodologyRemaking “Made in Remaking 'Made in China' (August 2012)

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WHAT WELL COVERMethodologyRemaking “Made in China” • IntroductionExternal Roadblocks to Expansion • “Made in China” = low quality • Safety is a key concern • Fake products fuel copycat image • Sustainability, labor also key concerns • Little differentiation between “Poorly manufactured in China” and “Branded in China” • Low awareness of Chinese brands • Adversarial political and economic relationshipInternal Roadblocks to Expansion • Corporate structure and management style • Lack of brand-building innovation • Lack of international experience • Failure to conquer home turfOvercoming the Roadblocks • Take back “Made in China” • Compete at a world-class level • Lean into national identity • Tap into the Millennial worldview • Drive innovation and lead categories • Ride on international brand coattails • Become a leader in CSRConclusion

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