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REMAKING MADE IN CHINA (contd.)INTRODUCTION Remaking 'Made in China' (August 2012)

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REMAKING MADE IN CHINA (contd.)INTRODUCTION (contd.)China’s brands have seen an “explosion of value,” as BrandZ recently noted. Whilewe found very low awareness of Chinese brands among American and Britishconsumers, they may well already be customers of the leading crop of Chinese labels.Among them: Lenovo, which is expected to become the worlds largest PC manufacturer this year Huawei, which recently slipped past Ericsson to become the worlds largest telecom-equipment vendor and ranked among the worlds top three patent applicants in 2011 Haier, which currently holds the largest share of the global appliance market (close to 8% of the sector) Image credits: Lenovo; Huawei; Haier

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